(VIP EDITION) Who will guard Michelangelo’s legacy?

Meeting Place:

Pasticceria Finisterrae
Piazza Santa Croce, 12
Firenze (TOSCANA)


9 am - 5 pm

How we move:

On foot



Artès Giovanni

Authorized Tourist Guide, Art Historian expert in the life and works of Michelangelo Buonarroti


History and performance of famous artists, Michelangelo in particular. Art and history of the Florentine Renaissance, Insight in Michelangelo’s life to find out the emotions that gave origin to the works.


Adults, families, students, art and history lovers, people who are motivated to deepen and tune in to the soul of the great artist.


  • Meeting in Piazza Santa Croce at the “Pasticceria Finisterrae”
  • Welcome refreshment and/or coffee and introduction to this exciting Artès Story
  • Engagement of the "heir candidates" that will pay attention with pen and notebook to learn the facts, works and life of Michelangelo
    because later they will have to prove worthy heirs through a series of tests that will take place along the way.
  • Visit of Via Bentaccordi, where a commemorative plaque indicate the house of his youth.
  • Visit to Bargello National Museum where we will analyze the masterworks “Bacco, Bruto, David-Apollo e il Tondo Pitti”.
  • Visit to Cappelle Medicee to admire the “Sacrestia Nuova” with seven Michelangelo sculptures integrated in his own architectural project.
  • At lunch time we make a break in the ancient Mercato Centrale where we can buy and taste traditional food in the local open-air market.
  • Stroll around Palazzo Medici Riccardi, talking about the Giardino di San Marco and the Academia delle Arti e del Disegno.
  • Visit to Casa Buonarroti Museum will be full of surprises, here the participants shall pass the examination to be recognized as heirs of
    the great master.
  • We will greet Michelangelo in front of his tomb in the Basilica di Santa Croce and then we will leave each other, not without emotion, on the churchyard of Santa Croce.


Leone Amidei is the current executor of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti and since the death of the last heir he’s on a search for any other legitimate descendant to deliver the precious legacy of the famous artist.

Pay attention, the next hearing will be in a week in Florence at Casa Buonarroti. If you are certain to be one of the last heirs of the great artist I suggest you to arrive in time, with pen and notebook, and very well prepared to undertake the examination.

Giovanni, who plays the role of Leone Amidei, is a florentine tourist guide extremely specialized on Michelangelo Buonarroti. Before examining if you really are a heir to Michelangelo, he will help you enter Michelangelo’s world thanks to a deeper exploration of the works, the places where he lived and, above all, the thoughts and emotions that this great man left us in writing. In addition to appearances and stereotypes you will discover and understand his most intimate soul, that is the real and most valuable legacy that Michelangelo could leave to his offspring.

Please wear comfortable footwear, suitable for walk in Florence city center. Children must be at least 10 y.o. to take part,
Children under 12 y.o. must be accompanied by an adult.

Artès Operator (that is also authorized guide specialized on Michelangelo, light welcome refreshment, guided visit through the city center of Florence, 4 entrance tickets to the main places linked to life and art of Michelangelo in Florence: Bargello National Museum, Cappelle Medicee, Casa Buonarroti Museum, visit to the Tomb of Michelangelo in the Basilica of Santa Croce, head-phones hire, certificate of participation, pen and notebook.

Food and drinks at the Mercato Centrale are to be paid apart. Everything that is not clearly included in “Quote includes”.