(VIP EDITION) The wedding between Hazelnut and Chocolate

Meeting Place:

"Villa Rizzo" Via Gerardo Napoletano,
- San Cipriano Picentino -


9 am - 3 pm
4 pm - 10 pm

How we move:

on foot



Artès Mariagrazia

Expert in food science,“Hazelnut and Chocolate Tester”


Cultivation and rural cuisine, Typical products, the hazelnut of Giffoni, Cooking classes, Nature, Traditions and local dances.


People in love with one another, and of all ages, families, gastronomy fans, lovers of nature, and of local traditions.


  • Meeting with Mariagrazia at Villa Rizzo at Reception
  • Experiential visit at the Hazelnut Orchard of Villa Rizzo
  • A sensory laboratory on getting to know the IGP* Hazelnut of Giffoni
  • Cooking laboratory where you will learn to make local specialities and a traditional pasta with an “umbrella stretcher”
  • Preparation and celebration of the Wedding
  • "Wedding banquet” for Nocciola and Cioccolato
  • Traditional dances guided by local dance masters


*IGP - refers to food products, often naturally grown, from geographically protected areas


Giuliana Nocciola (Hazelnut) and Emanuele Cioccolato (Chocolate) have finally decided to celebrate their wedding in the Giffoni village, the same village of the IGP* Hazelnut. The organization of the event has been entrusted to Mariagrazia, known for her original hazelnut based recipes and also for her membership to the Association “La Città Della Nocciola” (“The City of Hazelnut”). The feast is to take place in the marvelous and romantic location of Villa Rizzo but, seeing the great number of the invited, Mariagrazia decides to be helped by a “service” company which can provide the cooks specialised in hazelnut, all types of assistant personnel, musicians and ballet dancers.
Do not turn your back on the event, you have also been recruited for the feast preparation! Mariagrazia is waiting for you at "Masseria della Nocciola in Villa Rizzo" and do not forget to take with you umbrella stretchers!
Mariagrazia will be her own self as she is, one of the best hazelnut experts of Giffoni. Thanks to her, you will immerse in a fantasy story that goes around the IGP Hazelnut of Giffoni, and you will be involved in a feast created exclusively around you. During a walk along hazelnut orchards, you will get to know the properties of product, get acquainted with the typical cuisine, you will be preparing a full hazelnut-based menu, in particular the “fusilli”, a unique pasta type, hand made by means of umbrella stretchers. To celebrate the wedding there will be dinner and dances among the most beautiful and traditional of Salerno. A unique event, unrepeatable and exclusive, where the protagonist is you.


  • Not suitable for people of food intolerances to hazelnut and chocolate (you are kindly asked to communicate possible allergies at the moment of booking).
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire course of the experience.


A guided excursion to the Hazelnut Orchards of Villa Rizzo, laboratory for Hazelnut tasting, cooking laboratory, apron, umbrella stretcher, chef’s hat, wedding representation, lunch (or dinner), a traditional dances lesson under the guidance of local professionals.


everything that is not clearly included
Video recording, photos and film assembling of the day’s experience are available upon request