“The Yellow” of “Vietri sul Mare”

Meeting Place:

Belvedere of Vietri sul Mare,
in front of the Fountain of Giovannino Carrano
Vietri sul Mare - SALERNO - (CAMPANIA)


3.00 pm -  6.00 pm

How we move:

By car
(personal transport)



Artès Gaetana

Event organiser, Interpreter, Expert on country traditions


Breathtaking landscape, artisan traditions, encounter with authentic people of the place. Production and painting of ceramics, production of a typical liqueur, local pastry shop.


Everyone who loves nature, beauty, Italian culture and traditions. For those artistically sensitive and everybody who seeks encounters with the “real” Italians of the place and wishes, together with them, to put fingers in a real local artisan laboratory.


  • Encounter with Gaetana at Belvedere of Vietri (come by your own transport)
  • Transfer (own transport) to the close fraction of Molina of Vietri
  • Tasting of Lemons of Amalfi
  • Laboratory to make the liqueur Limoncello
  • Demonstration of the ceramic art with a local master-craftsman
  • Return (own transport) to Belvedere of Vietri
  • Ceremony of nominating Ambassador of Vietri
  • Celebration with limoncello and typical sweets, photos and greetings


Gaetana is the President of the Association "Vietri nel Mondo", that is “Vietri in the world”. To give value to “The Yellow” of “Vietri sul Mare”, “Vietri on the Sea”, she has decided to train fans and scholars from all over the world, to become Ambassadors of this marvelous place and promote its beauties to the world, the traditions and craftsmanship of this ancient village that is a widely open door to the Amalfi coast.
Gaetana will personally meet the candidates on the Belvedere of Vietri sul Mare. If you wish to obtain the Ambassador’s certificate, please, come open-minded and remember to take your paintbrush!
Gaetana, will greet you at the gates of the Amalfi coast, and will help you immerse as a protagonist in the indescribable beauty of this place, capable to enclose in just a glimpse the blue of the sea, the green of the cliffs, the yellow of the lemons. You will encounter the people who for ever hand down the traditions of the Yellow: the yellow of the lemons, delicious and juicy, which you will use to make the famous “Limoncello”, a yellow liqueur that Gaetana will teach you to make according to the ancient farmers’ recipe. A master’craftsman will make a demonstration of his art and the use of the yellow of the ceramics apart from appreciating the brilliant landscape colours. In the end of this memorable Artès story, the title of the Ambassador will really be a “sealed bond” of your transformation of “local among locals”.


  • Children under 12 can participate only when accompanied by an adult.
  • It is kindly requested to communicate possible food alergies while booking the experience
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and clothes in consideration of the laboratory activities


Gathering at Belvedere of Vietri and narration of local legends. Tasting of lemons originating in Amalfi. Lesson and preparation of Limoncello with a local expert’s help. Demonstration of the art of ceramic making and its painting in a laboratory with a local artisan. Certification of the title Ambassador of “Vietri in the World”, sweets’ tasting in a local pastry shop with a Limoncello toast.


In particular, the means of transport to arrive to Vietri sul Mare and then the transfer to/from Molina of Vietri ARE NOT INCLUDED