(VIP EDITION) The other face of the Madonna dell’Idris

Meeting Place:

in front of Palazzo Lanfranchi
Piazzetta Pascoli


9 am - 2 pm
3 pm - 9 pm

How we move:

on foot



Artès Rosanna

Expert in tourist welcoming and entertainment, expert on rocky churches of Matera


Craftsmanship, Medieval frescoes, Rocky churches, particular traditions of Matera and tasting of local enogastronomy


Tourists of all age who speak English, particularly passionate about art, crafts and local traditions.


  • Meeting with Rosanna in Piazzetta Pascoli
  • Visit of Sassi di Matera (Stones of Matera)
  • Visit of the Church Madonna dell'Idris
  • Tuff working at a Laboratory of an expert tuff worker
  • Visit of an authentic, old house made in tuff
  • Rich lunch of local products in a local restaurant


Next month is planned the wedding of Caterina, daughter of countess Beatrice, but last night a powerful earthquake tremor destroyed the facade of the rocky church of S. Maria dell' Idris, putting the wedding at risk. Countess Beatrice has not lost a moment and has immediately begun to look for able tuffstone artisans in order to assign to them the contract to reconstruct the facade in record time.
Beatrice and Caterina are to meet all candidates tomorrow at the Pascoli square, piazzetta Pascoli, in front of Palazzo Lanfranchi of Matera. If you are of the high mastery the work requires, come forward and show what you can do. And do not forget to bring your tools!
Rosanna will enter the shoes of countess Beatrice and will be accompanied by the daughter Caterina, interpreted by a licenced tour guide. They will help you live an unforgettable and exclusive experience across the extraordinary Sassi di Matera, Stones of Matera, exploring the peculiar churches of San Giovanni in Monterrone and Madonna dell' Idris, where their stories are intimately intertwined with those of the town itself. You will discover the secrets of tuff working under the guidance of an authentic tuff expert who will teach you how to make a unique object in tuff. You will visit an authentic house in local tuff, and finally, you are to celebrate the success of the challenge by enjoying a typical lunch of local products.


  • Possible food intolerance are to be communicated at the time of booking
  • The access to the Sassi (Stones) is difficult for people having walking problems
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult


Coffee and refreshments at the bar of encounter, guided visit (with a licenced tour guide) of the Church of S.Maria dell' Idris and to Sassi di Matera (Stones of Matera), entrance and laboratory class in traditional tuff working with a tuff expert, required insurance included, visit to a traditional house of Matera made in tuff, a rich lunch or dinner of typical products in a local restaurant.


everything that is not clearly included