The Mystery of Castel dell’Ovo (Discover the truth about mythos and legends in Naples)

Meeting Place:

At the entrance of Castel dell'Ovo
Piazza del Plebiscito


4 pm - 19.30 pm

How we move:

On foot



Artès Anna

Tour Guide
Art and History Expert


With Anna you go deep into Neapolitan territory history, in its mythos and legends sharing her huge passion for art and culture, to enjoy the essay of some introspection into the meaning of life . You talk of saints, princesses and mysteries, following the hints of the treasure hunt organized in the castle.


Teens and adults, single and families interested in knowing better Naples history and who desire to reconnect the life stories of important personalities who lived in the ancient Castel dell’Ovo.


  • Meeting at the bar of Castel dell’Ovo
  • Research on photostat copies of ancient texts to unravel the mystery of Castel dell'Ovo, conducted within the castle itself
  • Treasure hunt to the hermitages, carved into Castel dell’Ovo rocks, following on a map the evidence which will help the participants to reveal the mystery
  • If the mystery is revealed, the participants will be involved in a hyperbole mystique that will help them achieve a deeper understanding and sharing of the story of the “mysterious presence”.
  • The Lantern flight and walking back to Borgo Marinaro
  • Photos and videos of the event can be shared on Artés socials


The Borgo Marinaro’s inhabitants are talking about a mysterious presence hanging around every night inside Castel dell’Ovo and they even report it to the authorities. In the castle some enigmatic messages have been found. Maria Sofia, as the directress of the National public library of Napoli, is in charge to find a solution, but she can’t really understand what’s happening there. So she decides to call esteemed international scientists to discover the arcane and calm down the worried people.
You too, as a member of the experts delegation elected by your State, are invited to come to Naples: the appointment is near the entrance of Castel dell’Ovo, tomorrow in the late afternoon
Anna, in the role of Maria Sofia, accompanies you through this adventure and mystery. Your treasure hunt will start from a research on ancient books, to recall the legends and mysteries of princesses and holy women who lived in the old castle through the centuries. And right there, inside the castle, you will go at nightfall, to bring light to its hidden secrets, gathering all the messages left by the "mysterious presence" who haunts that place.


Children until 14een years old are required to be with their parents.
We do not advise this event to people suffering of heart diseases and or with walking difficulties.


This price includes: an expert tour guide on Neapolitan culture and art history, material and dossiers consulted in the National Library , history telling about myths and legends of Naples walking through the oldest and most traditional zones of the city. The treasure map will be given to each participant at the end of the hunt, as well as the lantern to let fly at the end of the story.
No charges due for the entrance to National Library and Castel dell’Ovo.


everything that is not clearly included