(VIP EDITION) The Great Photographic Contest in the WWF Oasis of Alviano

Meeting place:

In front of Bar Oasi - Oasi of Alviano Loc.
Madonna del Porto - Alviano -


9.00 am  -  5.00 pm

How we move:

on foot



Artès Elena

Photographer, Lover of nature and her territory, Expert in Digital graphics and communication


Nature, Photography, Birdwatching, Photographic Safari, local Gastronomic specialities.


People passionate about nature and photography, even beginners of all age. For those who wish to come closer to the beauty of photographic nature, accompanied by a photographer who will be their tutour along the entire course of the experience.


  • The meeting place with Elena is under the canopy before the entrance of the Park, in front of Bar Oasi (Bar Oasis)
  • Introduction and presentation of the Photographic contest by Elena
  • A more detailed studies of the characteristics of the specific flora and fauna of the Park with the guidance of a biologist, Director of the Oasis
  • A brief lesson by Elena introducing nature photographing in ambush
  • A photographic safari in ambush (session in the morning)
  • Buffet lunch
  • A photographic safari (session in the afternoon)
  • Downloading of the photos to allow the Commission to calculate the points gathered, per category, for the award assigning
  • Aperitif with sweets, wine, beverage and typical products
  • Awarding the winners of the Contest



The Oasi di Alviano, Oasis of Alviano, close to Terni, is one of most beautiful WWF parks in Italy, a wild and incontaminated territory with very particular flora and fauna which naturalists can find only here. Elena is a local Ambassador of the Association Experience for You (X4U), she would like to give higher visibility to the Oasis even at international level and, for this reason, you are invited to the Great Photographic contest of Alviano, open even to beginners of any age, passionate about photography and nature.
If you love taking photos and immerse yourself in incontaminated nature, do not be shy! Take your camera, and even if you are not an expert, participate in the Great Photographic Contests of the Oasis of Alviano. You will live a marvelous experience in a magical place, with many surprises and rewards for all!
Elena will introduce you to the astonishingly beautiful WWF Oasis of Alviano to participate in a photographic contest, created purposefully for you and that will last all day long, letting you do a hunt (a photographic one) of some of the rarest animals and plants living in the Oasis. The biology experts that the Park will provide for you, will introduce you to the peculiar natural chracteristics of the place, while Elena will have the pleasure to guide you into the basics of nature photography in ambush. You could participate in the competition alone or in a group. The classic final, in categories, will consider the points gathered during the execution of the assigned mission, apart from, obviously, the effective quality of the photos to be taken.


It is responsibility of the participants to come on time, equipped with adequate outdoor clothing, walking shoes for wet zones, or even boots for those who might wish to enter water for a better shot, fotographic equipment, including the tripod, etc…


Use of orienting materials (maps of the Oasis), explanation of contest rules (points gathered according to the difficulty in taking a photo of a certain flora or fauna), tutoring and photographic and nature accompaniment by experts along the entire course of the day; a buffet lunch with typical products, certificate for contests participation , snack with typical sweets and local products.