(VIP EDITION) The Enigma of Otranto and the Holy Grail

Meeting place:

Antico Bar Castello - Piazza Castello, 8
Otranto (LECCE - PUGLIA)


3.30 pm - 7.30 pm



How we move:

on foot

Artès Imma

Philosophy graduate, passionate about myths and legends


Legends, mysteries, esoterism, symbol studies, art and medieval history, treasure hunt, craft works.


Adults, families and students who love cultural experiences and at the same time enjoying playing together with others.


  • Meet Imma at Bar Castello
  • Treasure Hunt to reconstruct a map and deepen your knowledge on the various themes hidden in the mosaic
  • The Castle (Il Castello): discovery of the first clues
  • The Church of Saint Peter (La Chiesa di San Pietro): identifying further clues and a guided visit of the frescoes inside the church
  • The workshop of a mosaic craftsman, who will challenge the team of archaeologists to experiment with the mosaic technique to make a small artefact
  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata where the team of archaeologists will consolidate the seven symbolic meanings of the great mosaic, collected along the treasure hunt, going, therefore, to fulfill "the arduous enterprise" assigned by the Bishop Calabria
  • The seafront of Otranto where we will celebrate the result of the treasure hunt with a refreshing walk, tasting granita and local ice cream.


1952, the Archbishop of Calabria has charged Imma, philosopher and historian known for her studies of medieval mysteries, to establish an international commission to finally reveal the famous “Enigma of Otranto” ("Enigma di Otranto"). The challenge is daring because it is not just about finding and detaching from the stucco the biggest mosaic from Medieval Europe buried in the Cathedral of Saint Annunciation (Cattedrale di Santa Annunziata). The commission formed by international archaeologists, experts on legends and esotericism, has also the difficult task to succeed in revealing the most hidden iconographic meaning of the Tree of life (“L’Albero della Vita”). It is depicted on the ancient mosaic, and, according to legend, seems to be rooted in the myth of the Holy Grail.

Let me tell you that Imma has already found the first clues, you just have to bring you notes on Medieval history of myth and mystery with you, and be ready to face a memorable immersion in the mystery.

Imma will guide you to a real hunt of the cultural treasure through the most secret passages of Medieval Otranto, between the Church of Saint Peter (Chiesa di san Pietro), the Castle and the Cathedral of S. Annunciation (Cattedrale di S. Annunziata). Between challenges and hints you are to reconstruct the map of the ancient mosaic and reveal its most profound meaning, inside an authentic intertwining of myths and legends. It will not be easy, after much wandering you would reach the sight of this incredible and unique medieval work only if you know how to overcome the test of the local master and so, finally, you will find yourself in the deep mystery, yourself only with ... the Holy Grail

Children under 12, if participating, must be accompanied by at least one parent for the entire duration of the experience.


Animation of the Artès operator, a cultural treasure hunt with a licensed tour guide, admission and visit to the Castle, the Church of Saint Peter (Chiesa di S.Pietro) if possible during the treasure hunt as the church is not always open to visitors ; Cathedral of Saint Annunziata (Cattedrale di SS. Annunziata), laboratory to realise a small mosaic under the guidance of a mosaic craftsman, a walk on the seafront of Otranto with tasting of local ice-cream