Matera, Capital of Culture 2019 in a Day: Is Quality Experiential Tourism at Risk?

Although usually it’s the more famous cities that get designated as the European Capital of Culture for a certain year, sometimes the award goes to less-known destinations. Matera is the Capital of Culture in 2019, a destination in Italy that exists in the shadows of its much better-known counterparts like Milan, Rome or Venice. Yet, the city has much to offer. Matera: Capital of Culture 2019 Although virtually unknown to many, if not most, visitors to Italy, the Matera is … Read More

Matera & Naples: your customers best surprise for Easter

Easter is coming soon and even if this festivity is well celebrated all over Italy, the Southern regions of our beautiful country show a particular affection to it. This year’s holidays happen to be very close to other celebrations here in Italy which makes the perfect excuse to enjoy Italy at its best: the clement weather, longer daylight, spring is coming along with buzzing air and shiny colours. What makes Easter time in Southern Italy so delightful? Let’s dive into … Read More

Matera: experiential tourism opportunities for travel agents in the European capital of culture 2019

2019 is going to be an exciting year for experiential tourism. Over the years cities everybody has heard of have been the European capital of culture; Liverpool, Dublin, Paris, Madrid. This year it is Matera’s turn, and the celebrations kick off on the 19 January with marching bands from all over Basilicata playing up a storm to begin the year long festival. There will be events throughout the year centred around six themes including; Remote future, Reflections and Connections, and … Read More