What Should Not Be Missing in Your Next Experiential Travel Package in Italy

The rise of experiential tourism is one of the most noteworthy travel trends this year. More and more travelers seek out fun experiences rather than fancy hotels or exotic beach locations. Memories are made of experiences, after all, so this is a normal, perhaps even long overdue, evolution in the travel industry. Italy with its ancient history, rich cultural heritage and phenomenal cuisine is one of the world’s best destinations for experiential travel journeys. In fact, most travel experiences in … Continua a leggere

A Whole New Experiential Travel in Portofino, With Artès

Located in the gorgeous Italian Riviera, Portofino is a famously colorful resort town with a photogenic harbor and rich artistic history. The town is centered on that harbor, which attracts both small and large yachts. Artès now has a brand new type of experiential travel in Italy travelers can enjoy: the Portofino Trek. This excursion will take participants into the wonderfully verdant Ligurian hills, where fascinating history and mouthwatering food await. Escaping the Pirates of Portofino With Artès: New Experiential … Continua a leggere

Going Experiential in Pisa Without the Help of the Leaning Tower While in Italy

Although the Leaning Tower is without question the main Pisa tourism attraction, there’s so much more going on in this vibrant Tuscany city than an architectural failure (which it basically what the Leaning Tower is). If you’re looking for some fun experiential travel in Italy, Pisa is where you’ll find it. Once you leave the hordes of selfie-snapping tourists at Piazza dei Miracoli behind, you’ll discover a part of Pisa that’s much less known. Overtourism definitely has had an increasingly … Continua a leggere