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BITESP 2019: news and key takeaways from this year’s edition of the first experiential tourism trade show in Italy

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BITESP 2019: the events you cannot miss in experiential tourism

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BITESP 2019: why you should participate in this experiential travel trade show in Italy

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Domus de Janas, fairies’ house and the music of the tree of life

In Sant’Andrea Priu there is a magical place. Next to an ancient olive tree there are the Domus de Janas, also called “the fairies’ houses”. The Rural Heritage association is looking for special people to let them try a truly unique experience: finding a deeper connection with nature through the vibrations that this mysterious archaeological site gives off.
Will your emotions be able to make “The Tree of Life” sound? If you have an open and free spirit, the shaman is waiting for you to guide you on your process of reconnection with nature.

The dances of “The Leopard”at the Palace of Pottino marquises

The Mediterranean Itineraries Association has decided to enhance the Palace of Pottino marquises of Petralia Soprana as an ideal place to shoot some scenes of the remake of the movie “Il Gattopardo” (The Leopard) and assigns Antonella, as a historical expert of the Palace and of the noble life of the late nineteenth century, to select the extras for the film.
Do you feel ready to pass the casting? Antonella is waiting for you “in the little square” in Petralia Soprana and, if you pass the selection, the contract will be yours!

The Maiorchino Tournament

The Mayor of Novara of Sicily commissioned Filippo, president of the PFM cultural association, to organize a special edition of the famous Maiorchino Tournament so as not to lose the tradition. During the Tournament, the citizens of Novara di Sicilia compete in a spectacular race where they roll a cheese (The Maiorchino) through the streets of the town.
Citizens of Novara di Sicilia, you are called to set up and take part in the tournament! Filippo is waiting for you tomorrow and don’t worry about the hat to take part, it’s ready for you!

The Cuisine of the Monsú of the 800 Sicilian aristocracy

Mariagrazia is an expert in agri-food productions and together with her friend Roberta, a professional cook, she thought to create the first Master in Cuisine of the Monsú, where you will learn to choose food products, to cook them and even to prepare the table in the manner envisaged by this particular type of cuisine. You will discover the tradition of the French chefs hired by the high aristocracy of the time, contaminated with the truest soul of Sicily.
If you have decided to participate do not hesitate, bring the shopping bag and Mariagrazia will give you the apprentice badge.

Fishing with cousin Pepè at the foot of Etna

Saro’s cousins ​​live abroad, they come to Acireale for the first time and they dream of finding their roots, the sea and the lands they had never seen before and meeting their relatives they have never met. Saro organizes the meeting with Giuseppe, “Pepè”, the only cousin who has decided to continue the profession of grandparents and of great-grandparents: fishing. It will surely be an exciting moment even if it won’t be easy to understand each other, Pepè only speaks the Sicilian dialect! Do you feel ready to learn the ancient secrets of fishing and find your roots? Saro awaits you at sunset in the square of Acireale!

The ransom of Linguaglossa

XVII century, the labourers of Linguaglossa want to free themselves from the greed of Prince Bonanno, who is exploiting them beyond measure. Nadia is a young peasant woman who advocates the dissatisfaction of people to organize the rebellion against the hated exploiter.
So we agree! Nadia is waiting for you in Piazza Municipio, in front of the Town Hall, at signal we will break into the Prince’s rooms and we will run him out, once and for all!

The other face of the Madonna of Idris

Next month the marriage of Caterina, daughter of the Countess Beatrice, is planned, but tonight an earthquake has destroyed the facade of the rupestrian church of S. Maria dell’Idris and the marriage is at risk. The Countess Beatrice did not lose hope seeking skilful experts of tuff to whom assign the contract for rebuilding of the facade in record time.
The appointment is for tomorrow and if you think you are up to the task, come forward and show what you can do. Please do not forget to bring your work tools!

December 29, 1514: Popular uprising against the Count Tramontano

The people of Matera are by now tired of the continuous abuses perpetrated by the Count Giancarlo Tramontano and today, December 29th 1514, we are all summoned in front Castle, to Brunetta, the brave daughter of the gunsmith. Brunetta has called together the most intrepid citizens to arm them and promote an uprising in order to drive out the evil and hated Count.
Come quick, time is our enemy! Bring weapons and sticks to make this moment, so important for our town, epic

The treasure of Ammicc Palace

Today, at dawn, the death of Mr. Lambicco, rich feudal lord of Bernalda, was announced. It was rumored that the rich gentleman hid a great treasure and an assault on Ammicc Palace was unleashed. Imma, Lambicco’s daughter, however, reveals that the treasure is actually an ancient secret recipe and decides to open the doors of the palace only to talented cooks and talented pastry chefs.
If you want to participate in the “treasure hunt”, come tomorrow in front of the church of San Bernardino. Behind the treasure lies a “sweet” surprise … hurry up!

The marriage of King Manfredi at the Swabian Castle

An advertising agency was commissioned by the managers of the Swabian Castle to create an original concept to promote the Castle on social media, the theme will be the re-enactment of the marriage between the son of Federico II, Manfredi of Swabia, and Elena of Epirus, which took place in 1259. To remain anchored to the facts and the iconographies of that time, the Agency involved Francesca, a well-known art historian, expert in the historical period of Federico II and Manfredi.
Don’t worry about setting up, Francesca thinks of everything, just bring your smartphone and all your creativity for the social media campaign!

The Masks of the Palaces of Lecce…inside and outside of us

Rosemarie is a famous cultural anthropologist and has organized an international convention of art historians on the theme “Masks of the Palaces of Lecce of the 1600s and 1800s, good and evil, outside and inside us.” We will have to examine the masks located at the entrance of the noblest palaces of Lecce and the deeper dimension that the metaphor of the mask plays on each of us will be revealed.
Map in hand, the workshop starts tomorrow morning and it is open to all those who will have the courage to understand the deepest meaning of this ancient tradition.

The Enigma of Otranto and the Holy Grail

Archbishop Calabria commissioned Rosemarie, anthropologist and scholar of medieval mysteries, to establish an international commission to unveil the famous “Enigma of Otranto”. The challenge is bold because it is not just a matter of finding and freeing the greatest medieval European mosaic from stucco but also of revealing the more hidden meaning that is hidden in “the Tree of Life”, an iconography of the ancient mosaic which, according to the legend, seems to date back to the myth of the Holy Grail.
Rosemarie has already found the first clues; bring your history notes on medieval myths and legends and get ready to face the mystery!

The marriage of Hazelnut and Chocolate

Giuliana Nocciola and Emanuele Cioccolato decided to celebrate their wedding in Giffoni, the village of Hazelnut PGI. The organization is entrusted to Mariagrazia, an expert in hazelnut and an associate of “La Città Della Nocciola”. For the event she will need help from specialized chefs and dining room staff, of course musicians and dancers cannot miss.
Don’t hold back, you too have been recruited to prepare the party! Mariagrazia is waiting for you at “Villa Rizzo” and don’t forget to bring your umbrella underwire!

“Trotula De Ruggiero” first Lady of the Salerno Medicine of the 11th century

Salerno year 1099 d.c., Sibilla Da Conversano is dying for having sucked the poison from the wound of her husband Robert II Duke of Normandy struck in battle during the first Crusade. Fortunately, Trotula De Ruggiero, one of the first female doctors in Italian history, does not give up and involves her students in the preparation of a powerful antidote obtained from the mixture of healing herbs collected in the Garden of Minerva.
But now don’t hesitate, we need you too! Come at the ninth hour of the morning at the Villa Comunale in Salerno and don’t forget to bring a cruet for analysis!

The Testament of the Tarantella, the legacy of Baron Bellelli

Maria Bellelli is the heir of Baron Bellelli and, upon reading the testament, she discovers an unexpected clause to be respected: the traditions of the community must be celebrated every year with a great feast in which the farmers will have to dance the famous “Tarantella Cilentana”. The organization is entrusted to Daniela and Angelo, two dance professionals and tradition experts, who immediately set out to search for farmers.
Do you want to help Daniela and Angelo carry out this challenging task? Come for rehearsals at the Bellelli Rural Company and, remember, do not forget to bring a colored handkerchief!

The mysteries of Castel dell’Ovo

The inhabitants of Borgo Marinaro, an ancient district of Naples, have reported that a mysterious presence wanders every night inside Castel Dell’Ovo, where enigmatic finds are discovered. Maria Sofia, Director of the National Library of Naples, is tasked with solving the mystery and decides to convene the most authoritative international scholars to find the solution.
As a member of the experts delegation, you are invited to show up to the appointment tomorrow at the entrance of Castel Dell’Ovo.

Cast out bad luck from Naples with your magical amulet!

Maybe you have not noticed that the spiteful “Monaciello” has hidden all our amulets and now in Naples bad luck reigns. Yesterday, with the inhabitants of the Spaccanapoli district, we asked Luisa, the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts, for help in creating a more powerful lucky charm. The Director said that she knows how to do and she told us to meet tomorrow morning at dawn at the “La Tana dell’Arte” bar in front of the Academy.
Remember, be on time, we will not wait for stragglers. Ah, I forgot, remember to bring salt!

Your “ideal love” in the Borghese Gallery in Rome

The Management of the Borghese Gallery has decided to select an advertising agency able to promote the most intimate soul that connects the works of the Gallery, namely Love.
Is it necessary to make perceive the deep meaning of the emotions that works inspire in people who are sensitive to art and love and what better way than through the use of social media, Facebook and Instagram?
It won’t be easy, so tomorrow, be on time at Villa Borghese with all your creativity, the Management is waiting for you at the entrance of the Gallery with badges to enter.

Sculptor magne, aedifica imperium sine fine!

27 BC Rome is changing, the Republic has gone down, the city becomes the capital of a real empire, one of the largest and most elaborate propaganda projects in history begins and Studius, a famous artist, is named one of the masters of the emperor’s new workshop. The task that awaits him is not simple: every action and principle of the new government must materialize in the stone and in the colors of the artist with figures and symbols that make Rome an image of the empire.
Do you consider yourself an artist? Carpe diem, the opportunity should not be wasted! Come to his workshop at 10 Ante meridiem!

I love nocciola

Irma is the greatest Italian hazelnut expert, she decided to organize an exclusive Masters course reserved for those “nutty” who have applied to promote the Italian hazelnut in the world.
We have received your request to participate in the Master and we ask you to send us your CV and any references for the selection. Places are limited, we wish you the best of luck. Good hazel-luck!

Rome, invisible city

The inhabitants of Rome have lost memory of some of their monuments: medieval porticoes, friezes and stems of Egyptian and Greek granite have gradually become invisible to their eyes. Francesca, director of the Fabrica association, wants to create a group of “conceptual restorers” from all over the world, so that with their external eyes they can restore value and importance to some “monuments” of Rome that have become invisible due to neglect.
With your help we can give a new life to these ancient stones, so don’t miss the first inspection organized by Francesca for tomorrow morning!

Artist for a day, “wearable Art” in the city of Rome

Daniela is a Roman artist, famous for her paintings and with the brand “OnArtediem” she creates the wearable art.
She wants to acquire artistic influences from all over the world, so she waits for you in her atelier to do together the sketches that will complete her cloche line “DmExperience International”, made of pure silk.
Do you have artistic skills? Help Daniela complete her collection with your personal view of Rome

The Great Photo Contest at the WWF Oasis of Alviano

The Oasis of Alviano is one of the most beautiful WWF Parks in Italy, a wild and uncontaminated territory with a particular flora and fauna. Elena wants to promote the Oasis and invites you to the Great Photo Contest open to all lovers of photography and nature.
if you love taking pictures and immersing yourself in nature, don’t be shy! Take your camera and, even if you are not an expert, you will have a wonderful experience in a magical place.

The tunic of Faroaldo

Veronica, a scholar of medieval history, is looking for funding for research with which she wants to prove that textile skills of the artisans of Sant Anatolia date back to the 8th century, namely to the time of Duke Faroaldo II. Few days left before the deadline to participate in the European ban which will finance future research and Veronica asks for help from her colleagues at the University.
Do you want to help Veronica unravel the mystery? Just go round at the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle tomorrow and bring your notes of Medieval History, they will be very useful to you!

Who will guard the legacy of Michelangelo?

Leone Amidei is the current executor of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti and, since the death of the last heir, it is the strenuous search for any other descendants to legitimize, to whom he can hand over the precious legacy of the famous artist.
I warn you that the next hearing will be in a week in Florence at Casa Buonarroti. If you are certain of being one of the last heirs of the great artist I suggest you arrive in time with pen and notebook and very well prepared to support the preliminary investigation.

The Knights who freed the Val D’Orcia from Ghino di Tacco

1400: Ghino di Tacco holds the territory in check preventing the kitchens of the village being supplied. The Lord of the village hires a handful of valiant knights to recover food and feed the population. The knights, through the fields of the Val d’Orcia, run through less traveled streets, without being found by the terrible Ghino. They can in this way get everything they need to celebrate the success of the mission after they return to the village.
Join the knights who want to help feed the village and get rid from the evil feudal lord!

Action…!“Unconventional Pisa for foodies”

The Pisa Film Association “Corte Tripoli Cinematografica” has commissioned Francesca, director and expert in enogastronomy, to make a short film about the many enogastronomic suggestions of Pisa, to enhance the city apart from the well-known leaning tower. Francesca is trying to create a group of talented video makers and location managers to make truly unconventional shots.
Francesca prepared the Storyboard and is waiting for you tomorrow at Keith Art Shop Caffè, you just have to bring your smartphone and be ready to immerse yourself in the flavors and tradition of this wonderful city.

Bologna: There is more beyond the sheet pasta!

The Bolognan enogastronomic culture center “Giorgio Costa”, asked Mario, a well-known expert in local enogastronomy, to involve a group of international journalists to promote and clarify the history and culture of the true Bolognan tagliatelle and thus defend the dish from the many mystifications.
Did you receive the invitation to give your contribution to this important enogastronomic report? Mario is waiting for you with passes at the Osteria del Sole. You will have to work and taste!

There’s a pesto for you

Francesca is firmly committed to celebrate the Gina Grandma’s 110th birth anniversary, well-known in La Spezia for her wonderful pesto, inviting the closest relatives, scattered all around the world. The idea is to make the grandma’s original pesto together and then have a great banquet in her honor. But there is a problem: the recipe is not available because the mischievous grandma, passionate about puzzles, wrote only laconic clues, leaving posterity the burden of recreating her fragrant dish.
Remember, take your shopping bag because you will have to hunt for ingredients around old typical shops and the market-stalls of Piazza Cavour Market.

Fleeing from the pirates in Portofino

Alarm! Alarm! From the Castle of S.Margherita Ligure, Debora has just spotted the Corsican Pirates! Hurry up! We must flee to the mountain. Do not worry, we will certainly find a good refuge in the woods and we will be able to survive by discovering the resources that nature provides us with!
But now hurry up, collect supplies and the few belongings, Debora is waiting for you to guide you towards salvation through ancient paths!

Gorgonzola cheese and the Marchioness: a poor cheese on the table of the rich

Early 1800s. The Marchioness Busca Arconati Visconti, born Serbelloni, hosts the nobility in her country house in
Gorgonzola. The Marchioness will organise a sumptuous lunch for her distinguished friends, to show them that the
“Gorgonzola” is not a cheese for the poor, but is also worthy to be served at the tables of nobles. Ginevra, the
Serbelloni’s housekeeper, is selecting the team that will help her organize the taste with the best Gorgonzola.
And you, will you be part of the team? Ginevra is waiting for you for tastings.

Milan, city of kisses

After countless sufferings and adventures, Renzo and Lucia miraculously manage to get together in the churchyard of San Simpliciano and finally they can indulge in a sweet loving kiss, immortalized over the centuries.

Do you want to relive this moment of eternity together with your love? Elena is waiting for you with a red rose!

Searching for Giuseppe Verdi’s lost notes

Hello children! Something strange happened in Milan. Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, has lost his notes and he can’t find them anymore. Therefore, Silvia, a close friend of his, decided to organize a grt. She is sure that she will be able to find them by retracing the musical locations that Giuseppe Verdi used to frequent in Milan.
We need your help too! Are you so intrepid as to join the group that will help Silvia in this challenge?

Venetian Carnet de Voyage

Silvia is a Venetian architect known for organizing memorable events. This year, she decided to bring together in Venice “carnettians” from all over the world. So all those who share her same passion for travel diaries and who want to try to do their own “Venetian Carnet de Voyage” to tell, according to their own and more intimate sensitivity, the encounter with a secluded, exclusive and secret Venice.
Do you want to respond to Silvia’s call? Register now because places are limited and, of course, in addition to the nib, don’t forget to bring your “Venetian Notebook”

Casanova and the mysteries of Kabbalah in the Jewish Ghetto

Marisol has miraculously found the pages of the diary that explain how to lift the centuries-old curse laid by the unnamed nun on Casanova and all his descendants. Now it is too long to explain but know that you too, as a descendant of Casanova, must be present in Venice to remove the ancient spell.
So listen, wherever you are in the world, leave now, Marisol is waiting for you in two days at the foot of the Rialto Bridge.

Lord Byron arrives at Cà Zen

I am writing to you in a hurry because I have just learned that Lord Byron will be a guest for a few days at our wonderful Cà Zen Venetian Villa. I have authorized Silvia, our housekeeper, to double the servants and spare expense, because I want to be sure of making a welcome worthy of our family. So, I invite you to present yourself at the servants’ lounge and guarantee your utmost commitment right now, so that every detail is taken care of perfectly in preparation of the arrival of this illustrious guest.
Be at Ca ‘Zen in the morning with a clean apron. If all goes well, you will receive double pay.

From the Middle Ages the true story of the legendary “Pastissada”

Francesca, an expert blogger of medieval cuisine, has discovered that the “Pastissada de Caval”, a typical dish of Verona, based on horse meat, finds its origins even in the ancient battle between King Odoacer and King Theodoric of 489 AD. The news is so striking that she decides to convene in Verona all the friends who share her same passion, to recreate and publish in real time on the blog photos, videos and details of the historical facts that can be recovered from the artistic finds hidden in the city and from the legends that are still handed down among cooks and sommeliers from Verona.
Francesca is waiting for you at the Antica Bottiglieria Baraldi and don’t forget to bring your smartphone!

The curse of Cunizza da Romano

About 1250, the ferocious leader Ezzelino Da Romano conquered important cities of Veneto. On the hill of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Cunizza, Ezzelino’s younger sister, is a guest in the fortress of her brother Alberico.
Their enemies are preparing an ambush, so the brother instructs the most loyal knights to save Cunizza and the family from certain death.
If you also want to be a brave knight, we will meet tomorrow at dawn, at the foot of the hill. Everything is decided!

Giovanna’s Blogtour

Giovanna is a tour guide who loves her land and was asked by the mayor of Cividale to organize an innovative promotion campaign. The project will tell on social networks the typical “Friulan” characteristics, with photographs of places and traditions and interviews with the locals. For this task, Giovanna is gathering a group of international bloggers, so if you want to contribute to this venture, bring your smartphone and your ability to observe and tell the memorable experience, the administrators of Cividale del Friuli will know how to reward you!

The very good Frico Friulano of Grandma Marisa

Relatives and grandchildren can’t wait to taste, once again, the specialty of Grandma Marisa, her legendary Frico, a famous traditional dish from Friuli. This time the grandmother asks everyone to help in the preparation of this dish and Alessandra, the niece graduated in gastronomic sciences, immediately offers to organize the expedition to buy all the necessary ingredients.
What an emotion! Alessandra will bring the shopping bag and the list of ingredients and when we have taken everything, Grandma Marisa, will teach us how to prepare her excellent Friulian frico!

The dance of the Carnian Celts who saved cordenons

I Century BC.
The Roman army is ready to attack the peaceful Carnian Celts of Cordenons. The priestess Paola has nothing to do but invoke the help of the gods and call the villagers to give life to a propitiatory dance that avoids the predictable massacre.
Paola is waiting for you before sunset in front of the big oak tree. Paint your face with the colors of life and bring your most precious amulet with you!

A ham for your work

Tamara is the guide of the “Quadreria Zancanaro”, a very special museum created by the genius of Cesare Serafino that involved artists from all over the world to donate their own work in barter with a precious local San Daniele ham. Tamara was asked to expand the exhibition on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the museum, inviting artists, painters, poets, actors, to return their soul, even if only with a dedication, to the beautiful city of Spilimbergo. So if you want to free your creativity, don’t miss tomorrow’s appointment! Tamara is waiting for you, for an artistic immersion in the Spilimbergo Picture Gallery.

The “Figo Moro” of Caneva conquers Japan

Taisuke Hamasaki is the owner of the restaurant “La Tartarughina” in Tokyo, renowned for its Italian cuisine. He wants to include in his menu the “Figo Moro” of Caneva, an exclusive specialty from Friuli known thanks to Giuliana, a well-known expert in local agri-food production, to whom he asked for advice to define the best proposals for pairing with Friulian wines and cheeses. Giuliana has decided to involve the leading local experts.
You too are part of the team! Remember to bring what you need to take pictures to send to Hamasaki, so you will help the Figo Moro to conquer even Japan with its sweetness!

Artès and BITESP for the development of experiential tourism in Italy

After the tremendously successful first edition, the BITESP will take place once again this year. This International Experiential Travel Trade Show will be held in Venice from November 25 through 27. As one of the leading organizations of experiential tourism in Italy, Artès has been chosen as the Training of Innovation Partner of BITESP 2019. Artès and BITESP partner up to promote experiential tourism in Italy. You can read more about it here.    What is BITESP 2019? BITESP 2019 … Read More

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Sicily: 2 experiential tourism Stories that American incoming operators already love

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The Master to become “Senior Turin Taster”

Armanda has organized an innovative master degree in enogastronomy of Piedmont, to allow enthusiasts to learn about local cuisine specialties and become “Senior Turin Tasters”.
The master will be very practical, you will learn the peculiarities of local products and you will have to show that you know how to buy, to the best value for money, at the market stalls of Porta Palazzo.
So, if you are passionate about local enogastronomy do not hesitate! Come in Piazza Palazzo di Città and don’t forget to bring your shopping bag.

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Artès and BITESP together to develop experiential tourism in Italy

Artès, the well-known Professional Experiential Tourism organization in Italy, is excited to announce to have been selected as Training and Innovation Partner by BITESP – Borsa Italiana del Turismo Esperienziale – the first trade show entirely dedicated to incoming experiential tourism. In order to help tourism and passionate professionals to develop their skills in the industry and expand the experiential tourism offer in Italy, Artès and BITESP have launched a series of “training tours” that will take place in different … Read More

Bike riding in Tuscany: an example of unique experiences from the heart of Val D’Orcia

There is no doubt that Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations for both Italian and foreign visitors when it comes to picking memorable experiences, especially if they love bike riding. Understanding why is quite simple: there are countless opportunities to live unique experiences in Tuscany as they range from the discovery of local cuisine to the possibility of dive into both its natural and urban unique landscapes. The ever-changing modern market poses a new challenge to those who … Read More

Airbnb invests in experiential tourism with the Matera 2019 Experience Academy

Experiential tourism is a growing market: Italy makes no exception and Airbnb well understands that. The Experience Academy Airbnb just launched aims at indirectly developing an experiential tourism offer in Italy by training the people interested in it. The European Capital of Culture 2019, Matera, certainly offers a great opportunity for training in the tourism sector. The choice made by the U.S. giant is certainly not accidental: in Italy experiential tourism is tempting both domestic and incoming travel markets, resulting … Read More

Wedding Tourism in Italy: an experiential overview on the market

Italy is a must destination for travelers and it comes with no surprise that people from all over the world, celebrities included, choose our country as the destination to celebrate the most important moments of their lives. Exclusive dreamy locations, romantic landscapes, breath-taking scenery awaits lovers and their guests in the Italian peninsula, creating room for the best wedding experience ever dreamed of. Wedding tourism refers to a travel offer addressed to people willing to travel abroad with the purpose … Read More

Artès partners with BITESP to develop experiential tourism

Artès, well-known in Italy for being the point of reference in Itay for professional experiential tourism has recently signed and agreement as the Training and Innovation Partner of BITESP, the first Experiential Travel Trade Show in Italy BITESP will take place in Venice from November 25th to 27th, 2019 with the partecipation of hundreds of specialists exhibiting from all over Italy. This year, In addition to the organizaton of a series of professional workshops, the Artès Team will be in … Read More

Experience Supply & Distribution: Is Automation Better Than a Local and Specialised Partner?

In the last few years, experiential tourism has seen a rapid rise in popularity. It’s essentially a countermovement against mass or traditional tourism, a niche market that focuses on hands-on experiences, meeting locals, and “slow travel”. As the experiential tourism industry continues to expand, more and more tour operators take notice. And if they aren’t yet, they really should pay attention to this modern trend, which will most likely only continue to balloon in the future. Experiential Tourism Supply and … Read More

Florence & Booking.com Together for Responsible Tourism: A step Towards Quality Tourism?

Recently, the Municipality of Florence and popular accommodation booking site Booking.com established a partnership to encourage responsible tourism. This will promote sustainable tourism and best practices in Florence, as well as incentivize tour operators to avoid mass tourism. Mass Tourism Versus Responsible Tourism In many cities in Italy and southern Europe in general, mass tourism starts to cause major problems for the locals and tourists alike. Places like Dubrovnik in Croatia, Barcelona in Spain, and Venice, Florence and Rome in … Read More

Experiential tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia: why you should add this hidden gem to your listing now

Experiential tourism offering is at its best in the lesser known regions and locations. You may not have heard about Friuli Venezia Giulia yet but this destination’s reputation is going to change soon. Friuli Venezia Giulia is a hidden gem in Italy: here’s why your customers will be enchanted to visit it and why you should add it to your listing as the next best experiential tourism destination. A small compendium of the Universe This is how Ippolito Nievo, Italian … Read More

Experiential tourism in Bologna: going beyond the Tagliatelle to discover a whole new city

If you are looking for a great example of experiential tourism in Bologna, look no further. In one of the episodes of the documentary series “Great Continental Railway Journeys” Michael Portillo, a famous BBC journalist, wanders through the streets of the historic center of Bologna and asks people where he can eat a good plate of “spaghetti alla bolognese”. People’s answer is hilarious. They look at him very surprised (almost horrified) and say: “No, “spaghetti alla bolognese” is not a … Read More

Experiential tourism ideas in Milan: 2019 celebrates the Year of Leonardo da Vinci

Milan is one of those cities that can be made a much more interesting tourist destination through things like experiential tourism, and that is especially true this year. It will be the 500th year of Leonardo da Vinci’s death on 2 May 2019, and Milan is one of a myriad of cities putting on a host of events to celebrate the great Renaissance polymath, and of course, attract more tourists. Milan will be a great location for experiential tourism in … Read More

Sorrento supports operators in creating experiences: experiential tourism opportunities for “made-in-italy”

  The Municipality of Sorrento has introduced an absolutely huge tax break to support local industry as part of their initiative “Made in Sorrento”, and this could be a complete game changer for experiential tourism in the area!   Mega tax break supports local artisans and experiential tourism   They have introduced a 30% reduction in taxes for local crafts workers and shops. The idea behind this is to help protect the local businesses from the threat of gigantic, multinationals … Read More

Spring season stories to live in Italy

Spring in Italy is coming and so the desire to start traveling again: this shiny season pushes us naturally towards outdoor activities to enjoy the warm Italian sun, the buzzing nature, the scents and colors of the season. Italy is the ideal destination to organize outdoor activities and trips with friends and family while enjoying the Italian culinary traditions at the same time.

Matera & Naples: your customers best surprise for Easter

Easter is coming soon and even if this festivity is well celebrated all over Italy, the Southern regions of our beautiful country show a particular affection to it. This year’s holidays happen to be very close to other celebrations here in Italy which makes the perfect excuse to enjoy Italy at its best: the clement weather, longer daylight, spring is coming along with buzzing air and shiny colours. What makes Easter time in Southern Italy so delightful? Let’s dive into … Read More

BIT 2019: international travel fair specialising in experiential tourism products

The BIT 2019 Exhibition took place this year from 10-12 February in Fieramilanocity in the center of Milan. BIT is an annual international trade fair which brings together people, operators, businesses and others working in the tourism sector so everyone can learn more about what’s going on in the tourism sector, stay up to date, and of course, network. As usual, there were several thematic areas dedicated to certain aspects of experiential tourism. This year they included: A Bit of … Read More

Spotlight on Venice Carnival 2019: what visitors really want

Today we have the pleasure to meet John, from Ireland. John lives in Italy with his family now but still he cannot get used to the magic landscape and dreamy atmosphere of such a place like Venice.

Experience Milan with a new perspective with Elena: when passion becomes a story to live together

In 2018, for the first time, Milan won the ranking for the most livable city in Italy (according to Sole 24Ore newspaper). The capital of Lombardy has earned the podium for the quality of life thanks to the high level of wealth and economy, a good employment rate and its raising technology level. A big thank you goes to the local people of Milan too, the people that strive every day to make the city more efficient, creative, alive, welcoming, … Read More

What it means to have a trusted partner in Italy for wine & food tourism experiences

For travel agents, having a trusted partner for wine and food experiential tourism in Italy really is a must. Travel agents have to carry out a lot of research to find the right partner that matches their needs, and the desires of their clients. Travel agents cannot possibly be expected to be able to come up with experiential tourism packages in Italy by themselves – it’s just not their business. Besides, any travel agents operating outside of Italy will necessarily … Read More

How to find trusted partners to develop an experiential travel offer

The changing nature of tourism and holidaying whereby tourists are looking for an experience rather than an old-fashioned, basic trip, means that travel agents need to find partners to work with who can provide them with unique travel products in areas such as experiential tourism. As this is a relatively new, niche market the travel agent may have difficulty in finding well established partners to work with who are trustworthy, reliable, professional, and of course, who have products their clients … Read More

A travel agent’s guide to experiential tourism in Italy

By now, most travel agent’s are not only aware of experiential tourism, but they also understand that this niche market is growing, how much potential it has to develop further, and how it is a form of tourism that will become ever more popular as we move forward. There are a lot of opportunities in the area of experiential tourism for several reasons. The two biggest reasons influencing the increase in interest in experiential tourism are the fact that people … Read More

Matera: experiential tourism opportunities for travel agents in the European capital of culture 2019

2019 is going to be an exciting year for experiential tourism. Over the years cities everybody has heard of have been the European capital of culture; Liverpool, Dublin, Paris, Madrid. This year it is Matera’s turn, and the celebrations kick off on the 19 January with marching bands from all over Basilicata playing up a storm to begin the year long festival. There will be events throughout the year centred around six themes including; Remote future, Reflections and Connections, and … Read More

Venice new tax and the impact on experiential tourism

Experiential tourism and Venetians are celebrating the New Year with a little victory for the overwhelmed city. The Italian government has approved, and the city will introduce, a new tax on so-called “day trippers”. Tourists who visit Venice for only one day will have to pay a new tax of between 2.50-10 euro, depending on the season. The reasoning behind this is that tourists who visit the city for one day do not contribute much economically to the city, but … Read More

Travel trends in 2019: boom in experiential tourism

The boom in experiential travel is something every travel agency has to be aware of. Experiential tourism is a growing trend. Over the last few years it has been increasing in popularity. But this increase is becoming more pronounced, and is predicted to become almost exponential over the coming years. Experiential travel and tourism will be a key area of growth in 2019, and travel agencies would do well to be in a position to offer their customers experiential tours … Read More

What is relational well-being and why your experiential tourism should focus on it

Over recent decades the travel and tourism sector has undergone major transformations especially when it comes to experiential way of living travel. There are many reasons for this including; the increase in disposable incomes, the changing nature of air travel, globalisation in general, and of, course the internet. The internet made it possible for regular people to organise their own trips and holidays which provided great challenges for travel agencies. Travel agencies, just like yours, had to adapt to the … Read More

How to market Italy as a winter travel destination: 3 Ideas

There are many reasons why Italy is a great destination for winter holidays. There are less tourists, shorter queues, maybe the locals are less stressed out, and flights and hotels are cheaper because it is off-season. There are other reasons though, perhaps less obvious, and these include: winter exclusive festivals in Italy, experiential tours which can be done all year round but are perhaps more suited to winter, and winter gourmet experiential tours. If you are wondering how to market … Read More

Why is Italy the best destination when it comes to experiential tourism?

Italy is leading the way in experiential tourism and is one of the best providers of the emerging niche market of experiential tours and holidays. That should come as no surprise because Italy has a long history of inventing and pioneering new trends and fashions. Here is a short – very short – list of things Italy has given to the world: ballet, jeans, the jacuzzi, the piano, the violin, the typewriter, the icecream cone, the espresso machine, and the … Read More

Opportunities and challenges of selling experiential tourism products

Experiential tourism is, in the grand scheme of things, relatively new, although not unheard of. It is already a significant market sector and is continually growing. People are looking for more out of their holidays and experiential tourism offers them that. From experiencing the local culture and cuisine through the eyes of the indigenous, to elaborate, educational adventures, experiential tourism is a vibrant concept that caters to the desires of experienced travelers, and those who are just beginning to explore … Read More

Food and wine tourism in Italy – and potential market development for travel agents

When you are talking about food and wine tourism, it seems that Italy is always top of the list. That’s according to foreign and Italian tourists alike. Italian themselves love to enjoy traditional Italian products – especially food and wine. And there is no shortage of choice seeing as there is a seemingless endless menu of delicacies from each of Italy’s 20 regions. And when you consider the fact that each region has different foods and wines for each season, … Read More

Experiential Travel ideas for Italy this Winter – 4 great tours for your travel agency

When your mind wanders off thinking about winter travel ideas, there are a lot of people who think that it’s only worth visiting Italy during the sweltering hot summer months when it’s jammed with millions of tourists. For some inexplicable reason they believe they absolutely have to queue for hours on end to buy a slice of pizza, never mind get into a museum. This is, of course, completely wrong, and Italy is a wonderful tourist destination in winter too. … Read More

Stand out with an experiential tourism offer for your client with Artès

One thing is clear: the travel market is becoming increasingly high demanding and travel agents need to find reliable local suppliers that can always provide the best experiential tourism offer available. Artès is the first Italian tour operator specialized in experiential tourism, from providing travel agents with the best local and unique experiential tourism offer to professional experiential tourism training for tour guides and people passionate about their roots. Are you ready to explore the market with us and take … Read More

3 things about cultural travel experiences in Italy that your travel agency should know

The ministry of culture (MiBact) has recently released some interesting data regarding cultural travel experiences in Italy. Let’s dive a bit more in what makes Italy a great destination for cultural travel experience. The great success of Italian museums The data demonstrates that Italian museums are doing well and have shown a continual improvement over the last 4 years. According to the figures from 2017 there were over 50 million visitors to Italian museums which is a new record. Museums … Read More

Examples of experiential tourism in Italy you will want to sell immediately

We are always adding new experiential tours to our Artès catalogue, and our Artès catalogue for 2019 is looking great. Artès organises experiential tours all over Italy with our Artès approved experiential tourist operators. We provide an immersive experience to our tourists who want to fully experience the history and culture of Italy in an interactive way. Here are four examples from our catalogue that your customers will certainly find incredibly interesting. 4 great examples of experiential tourism in Italy … Read More

Tricks to build and sell experience based travel as a travel agent

Experience based travel is increasingly becoming a mature market, with an estimated $40 billion value in Europe. At first, a travel agent could market basic experiences, whereas today we are experiencing a more complex consumer behavior, where aiming to a more interest-specific target becomes the best strategy to intercept a long tail market. In today’s article we are going to share with you one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Buyer Personas: a great way to build … Read More

Experiential tourism worth 40 billion in Europe

Experiential tourism is becoming more popular both amongst tourists, but also businesses in the tourist sector who have already seen the significant potential in experiential tourism. And it is not only a passing fad. Recent data has shown that more and more tourists are interested in experiential tourism and that the market is worth 40 billion euro in Europe alone. Experiential tourism is a new approach to tourism, on behalf of the tourist, and the travel agency. It is not … Read More

Opportunities for travel agencies approaching italy as destination for experiential tourism

As the experience economy keeps moving forward in the travel industry, offering experiential tourism services becomes less of a choice and more of a full-time commitment for travel agencies. We already discussed how travel agencies can (and should) promote Italy as an experiential destination but let’s dive deeper in the opportunities Italy offers to operators by understanding what makes the Italian peninsula the perfect experiential travel destination. The Italian way of life as experiential travel & tourism offer After Airbnb’s … Read More

Examples from the past: Tuscany mysteries & experiential story living in Tourism

Tuscany is a great experiential tourism destination: its vineyards and wine culture only make travellers from all over the world come to enjoy the delicacy of the Tuscan winery art. But this magnificent region has a lot more to offer: with its green countryside landscape, its incredible cultural heritage, Tuscany has all the great ingredients to become one of the most appealing regions of the Italian peninsula. What Tuscany means in terms of experiential travel offer Last year Tuscany hit … Read More

How to promote Italy as an experiential destination for travel agencies

Both travelers and travel agencies will agree on seeing Italy as a captivating and appealing destination. The rising numbers that are shaping the market are not surprising: according to Ont – Italian National Tourism Observatory – by 2028, international arrivals are forecast to be over 82 million and will generate more than 56 billion€, with a yearly increase of 3.3%. While on one hand, national tourism is strong, on the other hand let’s not take for granted the fact that … Read More

Experiential travel trends that your travel agency must know about in 2018

Everybody in the industry is talking about experiential travel and how it is changing the whole the sector. In fact, some of the largest names in tourism such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor have shown major interest in experiential travel and the focus on Memory Making experiences. Investing time and money into the accessibility of these experiences to their clients, we can safely say this new branch of tourism is here to stay. The success and growth of experiential travel. The … Read More

Why Should Your Travel Agency Invest In Experiential Tour And Tourism?

The world fast realizes that money spent on experiences is far of worth than money spent on purchasing items. A popular saying “experience is synonymous with wisdom,” clearly describes the current appetite for experiential tourism. By definition, experiential tourism is an outgrowth of a global movement towards experiential learning, whereby people create meaning through direct experiences nota.ca. Experiences are precious, think about the long-lasting memories that come from them. When you travel to a place, you hardly forget the 2000year … Read More

Experiential Travel Venice: What Makes The Difference In A Destination That Is Experiential Tourism-Oriented?

The need for more personal interaction and encounter with the tourist destination, life, and people, has driven tourists to go a step further. People want to connect on a deeper emotional and personal level with somewhere they have been to, and as such, there has been a rise in experiential travel to curb these needs. Experiential travel is a form of tourism aimed at availing travelers the opportunity to experience a people, city or country of more personal interaction with … Read More

Experiential tourism – The beginning for the future of tourism

The way people are deciding to travel is changing quicker by the day, we are seeing this hobby, that is travelling, becoming more active and less relaxed, this is the phenomenon of experiential tourism. Afar believes in this phenomenon by saying, “The kids are getting out of their day-to-day and enjoying atypical and interactive experiences.” So, what happens now to the industry of travel as it is clearly changing and moving into this new direction? The big players in the … Read More

What makes experiential tourism and Veneto a perfect match?

Experiential tourism has exploded in the tourism industry offering more than just housing to tourist but a whole experience with the people and the places they are in. Now that travellers have more global access than ever before they are searching for deeper connections and a better understanding of their travel destinations. Experiential tourism has comfortably taken the driving seat in this gap in the market. Many of these travellers are in search of interpersonal encounters with the people of … Read More