(VIP EDITION) Spilimbergo painting collection: a Prosciutto for your art

Meeting place:

Caffè La Macia - Corso Roma, 88
Spilimbergo (Pordenone) Friuli Venezia Giulia


09:30 - 13:30
15.30 - 19.30



How we move:

on foot

Artès Tamara

Museum guide


art, culture, territory, local food tasting


Families or adults, Italians or foreigners, who wish to immerse themselves in the splendid town of Spilimbergo to later play to barter their art for a local enogastronomic tasting on the base of the San Daniele prosciutto.


  • Meeting with Tamara at Caffè La Macia
  • Walk to the Museum “Quadreria di Spilimbergo” (Picture Atelier Spilimbergo”
  • If available, meeting with Mr. Serafino (president of the museum) to introduce the story of the Quadreria and a visit with Tamara of exhibited works
  • Visit of Spilimbergo with licensed tour guide, to find useful inspirations and reflections in creating the artistic opera to be done for the Quadreria:
  • Visit to Castle, Dom and their most significant works, il “Palazzo di Sopra” palace and a pause at Belvedere, overview of the historic buildings and their frescoes, visit to the wooden choir of San Giuseppe e Pantaleone Church, visit of the 13th century frescoes of the San Giovanni Battista Church.
  • Return to the museum to realise the artistic works that each participant can develop according to their own artistic choice, even if it is only a dedication
  • Donation of the works to Mr. Cesare Serafino and prize giving according to the tradition “your opera for prosciutto”
  • Transfer to the Wine Shop Enoteca della Torre to celebrate on a rich buffet with local food, and obviously, San Daniele ham


Tamara is the guide of “Zancanaro Painting collection” (“Quadreria Zancanaro”), a very particular museum born in Spilimbergo by the genius of Cesare Serafino who has inspired artists from all the world to donate a painting of theirs in exchange of the prized local ham (prosciutto) of San Daniele. Tamara was commissioned to expand the exhibition on the occasion of the 45th birthday of the Museum, inviting artists, painters, poets, actors to restore, under one dedication only - their soul, the respect of the splendid town of Spilimbergo.

So, if you wish to free your creativity, do your best not to miss the appointment tomorrow! Tamara is waiting for you for an artistic immersion in the Quadreria di Spilimbergo.

Tamara will help you catch the spirit of Quadreria Zancanaro, whre you can often find Cesare, its founder. You will visit Spilimbergo to immerse yourself in its millenium spirit and succeed in finding the right inspiration to complete your artistic work: express your soul and “donate your work for a Prosciutto”, or, by means of your art (drawing or writing) you can acquire the right to participate in a lavish tasting of typical, local products to take place at the famous Wine Shop “Enoteca alla Torre”.


  • Kids or children under 12 are welcomed only if accompanied by an adult.
  • At booking, signal any food allergies and/or intolerance.


A welcoming coffee and refreshments, introduction and a visit to the Museum of the Experiential Tourism Operator, visit to the most important sites of the town with a licensed tour guide, animation inside the museum to realise the very “work”, prize giving and a Certification with photographing and “prosciutto”, rich final buffet.


Upon request, the programme could be expanded to include an artistic laboratory animated by a professional illustrator