(VIP EDITION) Searching for Verdi’s lost music notes

Meeting place:

in front of the historical Hotel Et De Milan
Via Alessandro Manzoni  29,


10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

How we move:

On foot, by sub-way
and by Tram


6h 30m

Artès Silvia

Yogi and Bio-Architect


Passion for music, for Opera-related places in Milan, for singing, for joining a music lesson together.


Children up to 12 years old accompanied by adults, families of business travelers on a tour or transiting in Milan, sharing great music passion and its beloved places in Milan


  • A magical cap adorned with notes will be worn by travelers, to help them during the whole Artés experience
  • Exploration of the hotel where Giuseppe Verdi lived in Milan
  • Visit to the Opera-House Theatre “La Scala”and Vocal Experience
  • Promenade to Sforzesco’s Castle and visit to the Ancient Instruments’ Museum
  • Vocal Experience at the Dolphins’ fountain
  •  Free lunch charged to each participant
  • Subway transfer at Milan’s Conservatorium
  • Visit at the Conservatorium and “music notes hunting”
  • Transfer by tram at Ricordi Music School
  • Personal music lesson with a personal teacher
  • Meeting with “Giuseppe Verdi”
  • Delivery of a participation certificate signed by the great Maestro
  • Photos and Videos will be shared on Artès social platform



Hi kids! What weird thing is happening in Milan?! Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, has lost his music notes and is not able to find them! Silvia, one of his dear friends, has decided to help him to find the lost notes. She is sure she’ll find them going back over the places he was used to attend.
We need your help too! Are you so dauntless to join this enterprise and help her?
Silvia will take you in an experiential path entirely dedicated to children and their families, in curious and fascinating itineraries following Verdi’s music “fil rouge” and living side by side a Cultural Music Itinerary


This experience is recommended for children up to 12 to be accompanied by an adult.


Ticket for the Opera-Museum “La Scala” and for the Ancient Instruments’ Museum at Sforzesco’s Castle, ticket for sub-way/tram, entrance to Conservatorium, music lesson at Ricordi MusicSchool. Photo with Giuseppe Verdi and certificate of attendance


Food, drinks and everything that is not clearly included
The child's companion will not attend the music class, therefore his/her quote will be discounted.