(VIP EDITION) Save the yeast of Queen Margherita!

Meeting place:

Corte d'onore of the Royal Palace
near the fountain - Viale Brianza,1


10 am - 2.30 pm

How we move:

By bicyles


4h 30m

Artès Sondra

Tour Guide


Love of history, exploring nature, baking, bread-making, eating and chatting together at a table set up for a feast.


Those who enjoy cycling, families or individuals, nature-loving friends from all over the world whom we have not yet met. This experience will delight anyone who wishes to know more about the local bakers’ art and lovers of homemade natural food.


  • Meeting with Sondra at the fountain in front of the Royal Palace and delivery of the magical spike
  • Bike rent for a guided exploration of the Royal park
  • Fresh juice to drink on arrival at the mill court
  • A lesson with the baker of the mill: how to make bread with wild yeast
  • Making the bread with your own hands and live demonstration: how an ancient mill worked
  • Setting up of an Italian country style table at lunchtime
  • a "Royal picnic" with organic products, directly coming from the land
  • Certificate of attendance and a piece of the famous Queen’s wild yeast, to be renewed back at home
  • A ride back to the Royal Palace to return the bikes
  • A moment to say a warm good bye and Arrivederci !
  • Images and videos of the event posted on the Artés social platform. Are you ready to share your international bread recipes?


Picture the scene if you can :
The Royal Palace is in crisis! Queen Margherita’s personal baker is madly in love and has stopped baking the Royal Bread. What is more, he has hidden the unique, legendary wild yeast from which the Royal bread is made. Without it the bread cannot be made. Nothing else will do. The Royal Household is in panic, how shall we find the Queen’s wild yeast? Where is the wild yeast hidden?
Will you help Giuditta, the Queen’s handmaiden, to find the wild yeast and bake the Queen’s bread?
Sondra, playing Giuditta, will guide you on a bicycle tour through Monza’s delightful Royal Park. You will travel peacefully and slowly through organic hay meadows, farms and the former hunting lodges of the King to the river and an ancient mill. You will experience all the sensual pleasures of the traditional baker’s art, feeling your hands knead the dough, smelling the aromas of baking bread, and, of course, tasting your own freshly baked bread as we enjoy a royal experience with a lunchtime picnic in the mill courtyard.


The beautiful Royal Palace of Monza offers daily guided visits, tickets for the Royal Palace, visits are not included here.


Bicycles rental cost, natural exploration of the Royal park, a juice break, bread-making lesson, live demostration of how an ancient mill works, lunch in the mill courtyard.


everything that is not clearly included