Meeting place:

Bar Amore, Via Florida 17


9:00 am - 4:30 pm

How we move:

on foot


7h 30m

Artès Francesca

Archaeologist, Cultural Event organiser, Professor at the University of Rome


Architecture, Archaeology, History of Rome, Curiosity to discover the hidden angles of the “Eternal City”.


All those who share the passion for Culture and in particular for Archaeology and who are impatient to learn and experiment “making their hands dirty” in the city that has the greatest historical stratification on the planet, intrigued to be able to make “artistic” synthesis of what has been discovered in a tour that will help us appreciate in depth the soul of men in their millenial history.


  • Meeting with Francesca in Piazza Margana in Rome and strolling to the closely located Bar Amore
  • Inspection of the area to study
  • Introduction of the revealed “invisible” monument
  • Scientific experimentation of the data collecting (archaelogical scheme) with reference to the “invisible” monument
  • Lunch at the restaurant “I Tarocchi” and group work for revising the data collected
  • Collection of literary and bibliographic sources with the compilation of a dossier (Sala Margana - piazza Margana)
  • Elaboration of the reasoning, anecdotes on the monument
  • A pubblic event “a sorpresa” to give voice to the discovered invisible Rome, studied and idealised in the course of the day


Probably for being immersed in the immense beauties of Rome, locals have lost memory of some of their monuments: medieval porticoes, decorations and Egyptian and Greek granite column bodies have progressively become invisible in their eyes. Francesca, Directress of the Fabrica association, would like to create a group of “conceptual restaurers” coming from all over the world, so that with their “external” eyes could be given value and importance to some of the “monuments” of Rome which have become invisible for negligence and ignorance.
With your help we could make these ancient stones speak again and thus do not miss the first inspection organised by Francesca for tomorrow morning!
Francesca will help you immerse yourself in the most hidden reality of the artistic and architectural culture of Rome, teaching and giving you tha unique chance to experiment the scientific method of data collection, used by the archaeologists, in particular the so called “conceptual restaurers”. Like a detective, you are to rediscover what has already become invisible, reconstructing the history, the very reason to have great time-defining stratification, accumulated for millenia. An experience indeed unique and unrepeatable that you can live only in Rome. At the end, you will have the possibility to give voice to your discoveries in a very special way, a flashmob “a sorpresa” into which you can be a protagonist only by participating in this marvelous Storia Artès.


Adequate and comfortable outdoor clothing to take the role of the archaeologist.
Children under 12 to be accompanied by an adult


Artès animator who is also an archaeologist and a university professor; coffee and beverage at the meeting point, use of necesary materials for the correct execution of the activities of archaeological survey, management of the research thanks to the assistance of professional archaeologists; lunch at a restaurant, use of technolical instruments for making dossier synthesis, access to spaces dedicated to the activity execution, involement of professionals prepared to liven the pubblic event “a sorpresa” to give voice to the discovered invisible Rome, studied along the day. Certificate of participation at workshop to become “Conceptual restaurers”


Photographic dossier and video can be requested on spot.