Artès Project and Experiential Tourism

Artès (acronym of “Animation and Relation for Experiential Tourism”) offers an innovative and professional formula, in which the tourist is called to experience a plot in the first person, to become the protagonist of a narrative story that takes place on the stage of the territory. This new way of providing tourist experiences is made possible by the Operators for experiential tourism who, appropriately trained according to the Artès Method, create, organize, and deliver Stories designed around a shared passion with the client that will make a unique life experience and unrepeatable.

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Vision: promotion Italy

The “Stories to Live Together” made according to a disciplinary, the “Model Artès”, constitute a new kind of entertainment capable of enhancing the attractiveness of a territory. The Italian destinations that will first be equipped with this new formula will be able to serve a rapidly growing market sector at an international level.

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Mission: relational well-being

Producing Relational Goods thanks to the provision of memorable, unique and unrepeatable tourist experiences. The Artès Project wants to collect the resources of the territory transforming it into the stage of the “stories to live together” designed by Artès.

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To whom it is addressed

The ARTÈS offer is designed for a customer who is not more satisfied with a splendid location but seeks novelties, authentic experiences in close contact with the locals. The offer is structured to reach the final customer through the network of traditional tour operators, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, both online and offline. The “Stories to live together” are holiday packages that follow a disciplinary, i.e. the “Model Artès” which guarantees the structure of the contents, quality and safety. All features that make it suitable to intercept the strong demand for a more advanced tourism coming from abroad.

Join the Artès Project

Do you have already heard about experiential tourism and want to know more? Do you want to become an Artès Operator? Do you already work in tourism but would you like to take new roads? Are you a tour guide but would you like to extend your range of action? Are you interested in tourism and would you like to work in the sector? Are you a trainer and do you want to collaborate with our Artès Academy?
If you answer yes to just one of these questions, Artès is for you!
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Artès wants to develop new forms of tourism to relaunch the Italian system starting from the bottom, like the “Stories to live together”, holiday packages of high relational value and following a disciplinary, i.e. the “Model Artès” that guarantees structure of contents , quality and safety. Artès launches its particular proposal for experiential tourism, addressing the Italian territory and all citizens, associations, public administration, local businesses, the world of education, who feel involved in the generative process aimed at a new attraction of Italy.


Artès is a new specialization designed both for the expert tour operator and for a freelancer who wants to share a special passion with the tourist. But Artès is also a method with well-defined traits and rules that guarantee standards and narrative rhythm to different stories.


One of the great novelties of the Artès project is to have created the new profession of the Operator for Experiential Tourism, recognized by the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) and to have it joined by a trade association ASSOTES (Professional Association of Operators for Tourism Experiential), which protects operators who have specialized in this new profession.