(VIP EDITION) Save the yeast of Queen Margherita!

Sondra, playing Giuditta, will guide you on a bicycle tour through Monza’s delightful Royal Park. You will travel peacefully and slowly through organic hay meadows, farms and the former hunting lodges of the King to the river and an ancient mill. You will experience all the sensual pleasures of the traditional baker’s art, feeling your hands knead the dough, smelling the aromas of baking bread, and, of course, tasting your own freshly baked bread as we enjoy a royal experience with a lunchtime picnic in the mill courtyard.

(VIP EDITION)The Gorgonzola and the Marquise: cheese of the poor at a nobles’banquet

Cristina, playing as Ginevra, jumps with you into the past. You visit Gorgonzola as it was about 200 years ago, sharing Serbelloni family tales and gossip. Here you discover the secret origins of the Gorgonzola cheese and how luckily it has reached its actual yummy smelly fame and…. guess what? Finally, an expert Chef teaches you to cook special food with gorgonzola cheese. A complete menu, from starters to dessert.

(VIP EDITION) Milano “slow”

Join with Silvia a really an unusual morning in Milan, made of special rhytms, breaths, slow moments, discoveries, wandering moments; in addition to Yoga experiences from the Himalayan Tradition, you will have the opportunity to listen to precious historical news about the “fluvial” history of Milan and about a Bioarchitectural center operating in the city

In search of the Old Testament of Count Rudolf to save the Terre di Brianza

Ester, in the shoes of a Gaetano Besana’s friend, will take you to live an intriguing treasure hunt in a pristine corner and fascinating landscape at the Oasis Galbusera Bianca, the first WWF private oasis in Italy, a village and a farm, a modern model of multi functionality farm. You will get to know about the forms of vegetation and principles of cultivation of a vegetable garden by participating in biodynamic farming practices; Ester will share with you her passion for sweets which you can prepare with her, making a very special cake as a snack with the products of the earth.

(VIP EDITION) From the skycrapers of the “Rising City” to the fusion in a milanese historical foundry

Marilena, in the role of Giovanna, will make you discover Porta Nuova district and then will take you to another era, between foundries and workshops of goldsmiths in the Isola district, where you will learn to make your own jewel with the assistance of a Lombard master jeweller.

(VIP EDITION) Milano, red roses, kisses & pictures

Renzo and Lucia, protagonists of Alessandro Manzoni’s novel “I Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”), after big sufferings and adventures, finally meet each other again at San Simpliciano Church square, where they enjoy their kiss of love, forever lasting.
Would you like to live that moment of eternity with your true love?
Let you two become the lovers of Hayez’s masterpiece “Il Bacio”. Yes, exactly you, lovely couples, Milan is looking for you to be passionate! Let your love shine bright, spreading your kisses around the most romantic and hidden places in town. Come on! Follow Elena and her red rose, she, strolling with you among wonderful and secret cloisters and courtyards in Milan, will take professional photos of you, transforming you in sweet protagonists as in the Hayez paint and making your love become even more precious in beautiful images.

(VIP EDITION) A new chef for “La Scala”

Silvia, playing as the Maître of Restaurant alla Scala, will guide you to become a real Milanese chef. Get in touch with the real
Milan Gourmet soul, go shopping into one authentic Milan open market and soon learn the Italian culinary tradition with a great
chef of Milan at hand.