(VIP EDITION) Mascali 1928, “mpidimentu pi giuvamentu”

Meeting place:

Bar Malibù,  Piazza Duomo


9.30 - 14.30
15.00 - 20.00

How we move:

on foot and personal car



Artès Yari

Economist, informatics expert, expert of Mascali and its story


History, traditions, crafts, agriculture, local economy, meeting with locals, learning about their lives and their stories


Young people and adults, singles and families who love Sicily and who wish to relive the history of Etna volcano eruption from 1928, visiting affected areas and becoming confidential with the “locals”


  • Meeting with Yari at Bar Malibù and transfer to the Council Hall of the Duomo of Mascali
  • Introduction to the local story following the disastrous eruption of 1928, supported by audio and video materials, illustration of the “Funding Project”, distribution of the Project brochures
  • Transfer by personal vehicles to the Lava Stone Factory where will be held a demonstration of the methods of lava processing and alaboratory work under the care of a craftsman expert, to give the opportunity to the participants to realise autonomously an original
    object in lava stone
  • Transfer and visit to enterprise Bio-Agricola Bagolaro, lands cultivated in organic and permacultural inspiration, variety of products, jams
  • Tasting of local food at the enterprise Subsidiary
  • Meeting with local institutions and questionnaire restitution at the exit of the site, finalised under “Funding Project”
  • Final brindisi, certificate handing in, photo and ritual greetings

in collaboration with


After the eruption of 1928, the citizens of Mascali managed to restart their economy using the same resources with which Etna destroyed their beautiful village. After almost 100 years, the local community has commissioned Yari to prepare a Project Funding document to be presented to a group of international investors invited to an inspection of the place to enhance the value of the area and its artisanal, agricultural-food and tourism sectors.

The first meeting is scheduled in the Council hall of the Duomo where Yari will illustrate the brochure of the project. There is no need to tell you that we count on your professionality as investor to grasp the full potential of this wonderful land.

Yari will present himself for what he is in reality, an economist who loves his land and wants to enhance its value. In the role of a "potential investor", you will examine the project funding document that will serve as a guideline to meet the most important economic realities of the territory.

We will start with a path to relive the disastrous eruption of 1928 and understand how the citizens managed to develop their economy despite the misfortune. We will visit a craft atelier and a bio-agricultural farm to allow the "investors" to gather sufficient elements to understand the great potential of this land. At the end of the survey the "investors" will return their overall assessment to the representatives of local institutions. We have no doubt that the outcome will be positive and, in all cases, there will be a celebratory toast along with a rich tasting of the best local food products.


  • Kids or children under 12 are welcomed only if accompanied by an adult.
  • At booking, signal any food allergies and/or intolerance


Accompaniment and animation in the city and around Mascali by an Experiential Tourism Operator belonging to the associations "Mascali 1928" and "Cento Campanili", entrance to the Duomo, review of the disastrous eruption of Etna in 1928, meeting with agricultural companies and artisans, food and wine tasting at a local farm.



Transport vehicle (it is important to arrive by personal vehicles)