(VIP EDITION) King Manfredi’s marriage at the Swabian Castle of Trani

Meeting place:

Bar Gold Bistrot, Piazza Re Manfredi, 10


10:30 - 14:00


3h 30 min

How we move:

on foot

Artès Francesca

Tour guide and art historian, history and medieval culture of Trani expert


Historical re-enactment, the Middle Ages of Federico II (Frederick II) and his son Manfredi, legends and traditions of the territory, medieval food and wine


Adults and families who wish to roleplay an important historical moment for the city of Trani


  • Meeting with Francesca at Gold Bistrot
  • Reception and welcoming coffee
  • Introduction to the mission of the advertising agency
  • Admission and introduction visit to the Swabian Castle of Trani
  • Preparation of the Banquet Room
  • Dressing up the actors and configuring of the advertising ideas in line with the historical facts described by Francesca, introducing creativity elements that arise from the work of the group
  • Tasting the medieval banquet
  • Photo and video shooting with support of a professional photographer
  • Projection on a social wall and presentation of advertising ideas to the Director of the Castle
  • Award ceremony with certificate
  • Final toast
nova apulia
in collaboration with Nova Apulia, concessionaire of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism


A well-known advertising agency was commissioned by the managers of the Castle Svevo Trani to create an original concept to promote on social medias this splendid monument that has always characterized the city. The campaign will have as its theme the commemoration of the famous marriage between the son of Frederick II, Manfred of Swabia, and Helen of Epirus, which took place with magnificence in 1259 in this castle. To recreate the facts and the iconography of the time, the Agency involves Francesca, a renowned Art historian of the historical period of Federico II (Frederick II) and Manfredi.

Tomorrow morning there will be hard work, rebuilding the Banquet Hall as it was at the time, recreating the party scene with newlyweds and guests dressed with typical clothes and tasting the ancient recipes so then we can find together the most effective strategy for the digital marketing campaign. It will be a fun and memorable experience.

Do not worry about the materials needed for the reenactment, Francesca will take care of it, you only have to bring your smartphone along with all your creativity.

Francesca will involve the members of the "advertising agency" in a historical immersion with re-enactment of the wedding and of the most famous banquet of the medieval era in Puglia region. Together we will find the right ideas to give strength to the promotion of this place so rich in suggestion for the events of the past that open up glimpses of imagination up to the present. In the end the Castle Management will give its opinion on the digital campaign proposal.

Children under 18 can join unless accompanied by an adult.
At booking phase, please, indicate any possible allergies or food intolerances.


Welcome coffee and refreshment, animation and guided tour of the Castle with a licensed tour guide specialised as Operator for Experiential Tourism, historical re-enactment with dressing-up of all participants, banquet and tasting of medieval food, photo and video supported by a professional photographer, publication on social wall and award ceremony with certificate. Final toast.