In search of the Old Testament of Count Rudolf to save the Terre di Brianza

Meeting place:

Oasis of Galbusera Bianca -
Via Galbusera Bianca 2,
- Monte Rovagnate -


09.30 am - 5.30 pm

How we move:

on foot



Artès Ester

Garden Architect


You have to be passionate about ecology, curious to experience the cultivation of vegetables following the method principles of nature inspired by the teachings of the true founder of biodynamics Rudolf Steiner. You will spend a day in a relaxing and enchanting place enjoying and appreciating the greater quality of the food obtained from the transformation of products of this land. The pastry shop will use mostly ingredients that come from the farm and from biological and biodynamic cultivation.


Italian and English speakers looking for new lifestyles. Lovers of vegetarian food, nature, agricultural cultivation. People and families open and stimulated to learn through playing.


  • Welcome at Borgo Galbusera Bianca with a modest sweet refreshment and locally produced beverages
  • Visit the Oasis and introduction of Gaetano Besana
  • Treasure Hunt overcoming various obstacles and puzzles that help improving local knowledge and approach to the observation of plant forms and techniques of cultivation and possible transformation
  • Learning and experience of the Steiner's 12 senses
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Cooking Class followed by a graduate pastry chef “lesson” to learn how to cook some local sweets that will be prepared, cooked and eaten as a snack
  • A biodynamic farmer will follow the activities in the garden inception describing interventions made in the farm
  • Seeds will be donated to you to start creating your own future vegetable garden and you will be given a certificate of participation


"The formula to save Earth and its fertility" seems to be hidden inside the Oasis of Galbusera Bianca. Its owner, Gaetano Besana knows that the formula is in the spiritual testament of an ancestor of him, contemporary of R. Steiner. To obtain the formula you have to overcome a series of difficult puzzles and obstacles, so Ester, a curious traveler, friend of Gaetano, has offered to help him. But he needs your help as well, to save humanity from an eco environmental collapse caused by cement and oil companies!
Ester and Gaetano are waiting for you tomorrow morning at the village to start the search.
Ester, in the shoes of a Gaetano Besana’s friend, will take you to live an intriguing treasure hunt in a pristine corner and fascinating landscape at the Oasis Galbusera Bianca, the first WWF private oasis in Italy, a village and a farm, a modern model of multi functionality farm. You will get to know about the forms of vegetation and principles of cultivation of a vegetable garden by participating in biodynamic farming practices; Ester will share with you her passion for sweets which you can prepare with her, making a very special cake as a snack with the products of the earth.


We recommend comfortable clothing.
Please, communicate any possible food intolerance while booking


Entertainment of a certificated Artès operator, treasure hunt management, welcome refreshments, a vegetarian lunch with biological local ingredients, a cooking class of pastry-making directed by graduate pastry chef, training and practice in biodynamic cultivation, snack and certificate of attendance.


Everything that is not clearly included
Children under 14 accompanied by a family member pay only the lunch from the menu list