(VIP EDITION) Giovanna’s Blogtour in Cividale del Friuli

Meeting place:

Trattoria “Ai Tre Re”, Stretta S. Valentino, 29
Cividale del Friuli - (UDINE - FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA)


9.30 - 13.30
15.30 - 19.30



How we move:

on foot

Artès Giovanna

Licensed tour guide, Friuli customs expert


History and traditions, food and wine and local crafts, meeting with locals, their lives and their stories


Young people and adults, singles and families who love to visit places and, above all, get in touch with "locals" to immerse themselves in their personal story in Friuli regional customs and habits


  • Meeting with Giovanna at Trattoria “Ai Tre Re”
  • Around the fireplace, symbol of Friulianity, explanation of the blog mission and delivery of the necessary tools to carry it out
  • Route to Piazzale Paolo Diacono playing with the toponymy of the streets of Cividale
  • Food & wine tasting in the ancient restaurant "Scubla Food Grocery Store" (“Scubla Drogheria Alimentari” )
  • Visit of local craftsmanship at "Piccoli Ferramenta" (small DIY shop)
  • Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle, former Ursuline convent with entrance to the “Tempietto Longobardo” (Longobard church Unesco
    site). Narration by a Cividale woman who attended the Ursuline school, walking to the cloister
  • Demonstration laboratory of the typical "Gubana" dessert at the ancient "Pasticceria Ducale"
  • Society of Workers on Mutual Aid and Education: in the presence of the local administration the group presents the result of the
    blog tour with projection and comments in front of the "social wall"
  • Award giving and final toast


Giovanna is a tourist guide of great value who knows and loves her own land and for this she has been commissioned by the Mayor of Cividale del Friuli to organize an innovative promotion campaign with the idea of telling about the typical local  “Friulianity” characteristics (the essence of belonging to Friuli), on social networks using photographs of places and traditions and interviews with locals.

For this venture, Giovanna is gathering a group of international bloggers, so if you want to give your contribute , bring your smartphone and your ability to observe and tell the memorable experience that you will go to live with Giovanna, the Mayor of Cividale of Friuli will know how to reward you!


Giovanna is very prepared and a particularly attentive and sensitive tour guide, she will take you to discover Cividale immersing yourself in its history, its monuments, walking along ancient streets, entering the centuries-old inns, tasting typical food and touching the traditional artefacts of local artisan. In this swirl of colorful scenes, places and things you will be memorable, unique and unrepeatable meetings with Giovanna’s friends, wonderful people, who will share their history, life, their art and their heart.


It is up to you to give back to the public a social promotion of the city, personal and exclusive, with your photos and your words full of your most intimate emotions.


  • Kids or children under 12 are welcomed only if accompanied by an adult.
  • At booking phase, please, indicate any possible allergies or food intolerances.


Tour and activities in the city of Cividale del Friuli led by licensed tour guide specialized as an Experiential Tourism Operator, walk along historical center to allow photos and video footage, food and wine tasting, visit to handcrafts shops and characteristic places, immersion in a cloistered convent, including admission ticket to the Longobard Temple, possible interviews with local people met along the way, conclusion with toast in the Town Hall with prize giving by a local administration representative</span">