(VIP EDITION) From the skycrapers of the “Rising City” to the fusion in a milanese historical foundry

Meeting place:

in front of EATALY
Piazza XXV Aprile


 9.00 a.m.- 1.30 p.m.
 3.00 p.m.- 7.30 p.m.

How we move:

on foot


4h 30m

Artès Marilena

Tour Guide



Jewelry craft, Culture and History of Milan


Adults interested in the architectural evolution of Milan, people keen on craftsmanship, motivated to test themselves in a unique experience of Lombard goldsmith working techniques, to create a memorable present to make one fall in love; honeymooners and couples with anniversary feasts are very welcomed.


  • Tour with a specialized tour guide who will explain the architectural and historical evolution of Milan in Porta Nuova and the Isola District
  • Admission to the museum "Foundry Barigozzi" with the owner of the historic museum
  • Entrance to the jewellery studio
  • Assistance and customized training by a master jeweller
  • Fusion and realization of a jewel, using precious metal
  • The jewel will remain in possession to the partecipant
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of participation in the experiential course
  • Photos and videos can be shared in the social platform made available by the organization Artès and partecipants can claim the “Best Jewel of 2016” award



Giovanna, the daughter of famous bell-founder Ermanno Barigozzi, lives in Milan in 1820, but she is mysteriously catapulted to Nowadays. She feels lost and she no longer recognizes her beloved district called “Isola”, where she finds only very high buildings, all of glass and steel. To return to the past, she needs a powerful talisman, but only a group of ancient goldsmiths is able to forge the magic jewel that will allow her to get back to her life in the past.
Giovanna needs your help, do you want to join the group?
Marilena, in the role of Giovanna, will make you discover Porta Nuova district and then will take you to another era, between foundries and workshops of goldsmiths in the Isola district, where you will learn to make your own jewel with the assistance of a Lombard master jeweller.


The experience is directed to adults conscious of the attention required to fuse metals with an oxyhydrogen flam


The visit to Porta Nuova and Isola districts, accompanied by a certified tour guide, expert in history and culture of Milan, the entrance and the visit to the Private Museum "Foundry Barigozzi" with the owner Dr. Barigozzi, the entrance to the jewellery studio and the assistance by a Lombard master jeweller who will help each participant to forge a precious metal jewel ,that will remain in possession of the participant at the end of the experience and a certificate of participation


Everything that is not clearly included