What should not be missing in your next experiential travel package in Italy- Part 2

Nowadays, many travelers seek out experiences rather than exclusive accommodations and comfort. Their mindset is that memories are worth more than things. This is a trend that opens up a wide range of opportunities for travel agents like you. Experiential travel in Italy, too, has gone through a huge boom in recent years.

While at first, this was just a tiny newcomer in an oversaturated travel market, experiential travel journeys are now well established as a valuable travel industry niche. In fact, predictions even say that this growth might be exponential in the coming years.

This is why, going forward, travel agencies should consider including some experiential travel journeys in their product catalogues. Allow us to present our best travel experiences in Italy, which we call “stories to live together”.


Best Experiential Travel Journeys in Italy to Include in Your Catalogue

We’ve grouped our recommended travel journeys in Italy together in two different categories: food and traditions.


Wonderful Food Experiences

Bologna Beyond the Tagliatelle

This wonderful “story to live together” in Bologna goes way beyond the traditional Bolognese food tours. People who are looking for a real culinary and cultural experience in Bologna will be thrilled with the option to join this tour. It all starts with tagliatelle, one of the city’s most famous foods, with only as an excuse to bring people together and give them an authentic Bologna experience. This tour features everything from one of the oldest surviving taverns in Italy to the city’s cultural heart and a visit to a unique library. 


Senior Torino Taster Masterclass in Turin

Travelers who want to learn everything there is to know about Piedmontese cuisine will definitely appreciate this experiential travel journey in Turin.

In this masterclass, they’ll discover the peculiarities of local products, learn how to buy ingredients at Porta Palazzo, which is Europe’s largest open-air market, and get a food and wine tasting lesson. Additionally, a visit with a renowned chef is the figurative cherry on the cake.


Italian Hazelnut Cooking in Rome

Under the guidance of Italy’s biggest expert on nocciola (hazelnuts), participants in this wonderful food tour in Italy will immerse themselves in the world of nocciola. From kitchen tours and hazelnuts tastings to preparing a hazelnut-based first course and dessert, and wine pairings, this is a unique insight into one of Italy’s greatest culinary traditions.


Local Traditions

The Tunic of Faroaldo II in Umbria

The Tunic of Faroaldo II is a story aimed at adults, lovers of Umbria and equipped with their own car. It’s perfect for travelers who are interested in Langobardic history, wish to rediscover ancient traditions, curious to test their abilities in the usage of original Langobardic processing of hemp.

In this most fascinating of experiential travel journeys in Italy, participants discover one of Italy’s hidden historic industries: hemp growing and processing, including ancient weaving techniques.


The Masks of Lecce Palaces

Guided by an expert cultural anthropologist and ethnologist, travelers will attend a workshop focused on the Masks of the Lecce Palaces from 1600 to 1800. They’ll learn about the meaning and significance of the marks placed at the entrance of one of the greatest palaces in Lecce. 

Afterward, a professional papier-mache maker will show the ins and outs of mask making. Quite literally, as participants will see how the physical masks are made (on the outside), while also focusing on each mask’s metaphor of one’s inner self (casting out evil and letting good enter).


Rediscover Your Roots with Uncle Tanu in Acireale

In this “story to live together”, a Sicilian local’s family arrives in Sicily for the first time, in search of their Italian roots and living relatives. Through this narrative, visitors can fully experience the authentic life in a Sicilian fishing village, including stories, traditions, activities and food. An absolute highlight on this tour is meeting local fishermen and particularly Uncle Tanu, who will tell all about his own life and work.


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