Superficial tourism vs in-dept tourism: how to make the difference with experiential tourism in Italy

People have been traveling for many millennia, since the dawn of mankind really, but tourism as a leisure activity is a very recent phenomenon. And it’s something that keeps growing in popularity. More and more people travel every year, while globally, money spent on travel increases continuously. A new trend has emerged in the past few years, though. Experiential tourism in Italy and many other countries is on the rise.

This can be explained by considering the increased pace of modern society. The digital world we live in nowadays is super-fast and demands us to be reachable at all times. Experiential tourism offers a counterweight to that psychological stress.

Yet, there’s also still an undeniably superficial aspect to modern-day tourism. Superficial tourism does not do anything to help tourists leave behind the stress of everyday life (which is often an important reason why people travel in the first place). In-depth tourism, on the other hand, does offer more relaxation, a way to actually recharge one’s batteries on vacation.

In this article, we start by briefly discussing the differences between superficial tourism and in-depth tourism. Following that, we talk about how experiential tourism in Italy, which is getting more popular thanks to organizations like Artès, can help, and already is helping, to shift the focus toward in-depth tourism in the country.

Differences Between Superficial Tourism and In-dept Tourism

There are some pretty obvious differences between superficial tourism and in-depth tourism. Both types of travel are effectively each other’s polar opposites, after all.

Characteristics of Superficial Tourism

  • Mass tourism
  • Only famous attractions and big cities
  • Spending lots of money
  • Buying tacky souvenirs
  • Staying within one’s comfort zone

Characteristics of In-depth Tourism

  • Solo or in small groups
  • Search for original, authentic experiences
  • Focus on very specific attractions or topics
  • Connection with and support of the local community and culture
  • Care for sustainability and the environment in general

How Experiential Tourism in Italy Benefits In-depth Tourism in the CountryHow Experiential Tourism in Italy Benefits In-depth Tourism in the Country

There’s a lot of clear overlap between in-depth tourism and experiential tourism in Italy. Both focus strongly on immersive experiences, typically in a less-visited destination and/or in collaboration with the local community. They’re about a combination of the following things: human connections, environmental sustainability, personal development, health and wellbeing.

As we finish up 2019 and get ready for 2020, experiential tourism in Italy continues to let go of the concept of “tourists”. For a while now, the experiential trend is moving toward, and actually already uses, the idea of the “traveler” rather than the “tourist”.

This does not imply, though, that “travelers” must go on long journeys and spend lots of time covering large distances between destinations. Rather the opposite is true, actually. The very nature of experiential tourism in Italy, provided by Artès, means that visitors can often simply stay in one destination. This, of course, results in a deeper connection with that location, including both the local people and nature. It’s literally “in-depth travel” that we strive for.

This model also allows for ultimate sustainability. It supports local communities and protects the environment by ignoring already-overcrowded destinations

By going on one of our unique Stories to Live Together, travelers get to experience something, whether it’s a place, food or history, from an entirely new and fresh perspective. It’s that immersiveness of experiential tourism in Italy, more than anything else, that makes it the ultimate example of what in-depth tourism can be.

Those experiences offer visitors so much more than simple-click photos and short, superficial sightseeing trips. In fact, they provide the very opposite: long-lasting memories of a wonderful, new, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Artès Is Your Ideal Experiential Tourism in Italy Partner

If you’re interested in focusing on in-depth and experiential tourism in Italy, we’re your perfect partner. Created by using the tried-and-tested Artès Method, our Stories to Live Together allow people, your customers, to connect to the locality, both the people, and its traditions, culture, cuisine and wine! 

Feel free to explore our site and check out our extensive catalogue for more information. We believe that you’ll be impressed by our wide variety of experiential tourism offers.

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