Experiential tourism ideas in Milan: 2019 celebrates the Year of Leonardo da Vinci

Milan is one of those cities that can be made a much more interesting tourist destination through things like experiential tourism, and that is especially true this year. It will be the 500th year of Leonardo da Vinci’s death on 2 May 2019, and Milan is one of a myriad of cities putting on a host of events to celebrate the great Renaissance polymath, and of course, attract more tourists. Milan will be a great location for experiential tourism in … Read More

Sorrento supports operators in creating experiences: experiential tourism opportunities for “made-in-italy”

  The Municipality of Sorrento has introduced an absolutely huge tax break to support local industry as part of their initiative “Made in Sorrento”, and this could be a complete game changer for experiential tourism in the area!   Mega tax break supports local artisans and experiential tourism   They have introduced a 30% reduction in taxes for local crafts workers and shops. The idea behind this is to help protect the local businesses from the threat of gigantic, multinationals … Read More

Tricks to build and sell experience based travel as a travel agent

Experience based travel is increasingly becoming a mature market, with an estimated $40 billion value in Europe. At first, a travel agent could market basic experiences, whereas today we are experiencing a more complex consumer behavior, where aiming to a more interest-specific target becomes the best strategy to intercept a long tail market. In today’s article we are going to share with you one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Buyer Personas: a great way to build … Read More

Experiential tourism worth 40 billion in Europe

Experiential tourism is becoming more popular both amongst tourists, but also businesses in the tourist sector who have already seen the significant potential in experiential tourism. And it is not only a passing fad. Recent data has shown that more and more tourists are interested in experiential tourism and that the market is worth 40 billion euro in Europe alone. Experiential tourism is a new approach to tourism, on behalf of the tourist, and the travel agency. It is not … Read More

Opportunities for travel agencies approaching italy as destination for experiential tourism

As the experience economy keeps moving forward in the travel industry, offering experiential tourism services becomes less of a choice and more of a full-time commitment for travel agencies. We already discussed how travel agencies can (and should) promote Italy as an experiential destination but let’s dive deeper in the opportunities Italy offers to operators by understanding what makes the Italian peninsula the perfect experiential travel destination. The Italian way of life as experiential travel & tourism offer After Airbnb’s … Read More

How to promote Italy as an experiential destination for travel agencies

Both travelers and travel agencies will agree on seeing Italy as a captivating and appealing destination. The rising numbers that are shaping the market are not surprising: according to Ont – Italian National Tourism Observatory – by 2028, international arrivals are forecast to be over 82 million and will generate more than 56 billion€, with a yearly increase of 3.3%. While on one hand, national tourism is strong, on the other hand let’s not take for granted the fact that … Read More

Why Should Your Travel Agency Invest In Experiential Tour And Tourism?

The world fast realizes that money spent on experiences is far of worth than money spent on purchasing items. A popular saying “experience is synonymous with wisdom,” clearly describes the current appetite for experiential tourism. By definition, experiential tourism is an outgrowth of a global movement towards experiential learning, whereby people create meaning through direct experiences nota.ca. Experiences are precious, think about the long-lasting memories that come from them. When you travel to a place, you hardly forget the 2000year … Read More