Who will guard Michelangelo’s legacy?

Giovanni, who plays the role of Leone Amidei, is a florentine tourist guide extremely specialized on Michelangelo Buonarroti. Before examining if you really are Michelangelo’s heir, he will help you enter Michelangelo’s world thanks to a deeper exploration of his works, the places where he lived and, above all, the thoughts and emotions that this great man left us in writing.

(VIP EDITION) Who will guard Michelangelo’s legacy?

Leone Amidei is the current executor of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti and since the death of the last heir he’s on a search for any other legitimate descendant to deliver the precious legacy of the famous artist.

(VIP EDITION) The knights who freed Val d’Orcia from Ghino di Tacco robberies

Lord of the village, Michele, comes with you to discover Valdorcia, riding on your “wheeled horses “ and also, thanks to a local culinary expert, helps you learn how to cook a typical ancient recipe of his enchanting lands . And as a great final, all the group makes a feast together, raising merry wine glasses, as special guests in Michele‘s home to celebrate the victory of the valorous knights.