(VIP EDITION) Restore the hermit retreat of Sant’Anna in Aci Catena

Rosa is a well-known architect who will take you inside an ancient cloistered convent positioned on a hill where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. The entrance to the Hermitage is exclusive for “Rosa’s assistants” who will be able to master the architectural relief method starting with the hidden mediterranean garden inside.

(VIP EDITION) Pre-Wedding at Palazzo of Marchesi Pottino di Echifaldo

Antonella will involve you in discovering artistic beauties and ancient traditions of the Palace. Together with a professional photographer, she will help you to create the best photographs for the promotional material of the pre-wedding service. You will wear the clothes of that time used for the famous Baronial Wedding, and if your work will be appreciated by the local institutions you will be well rewarded with a certificate and a tasting of typical local food and wine products.

(VIP EDITION) Mascali 1928, “mpidimentu pi giuvamentu”

Yari will present himself for what he is in reality, an economist who loves his land and wants to enhance its value. In the role of a “potential investor”, you will examine the project funding document that will serve as a guideline to meet the most important economic realities of the territory. We will start with a path to relive the disastrous eruption of 1928 and understand how the citizens managed to develop their economy despite the misfortune. We will visit a craft atelier and a bio-agricultural farm to allow the “investors” to gather sufficient elements to understand the great potential of this land. At the end of the survey the “investors” will return their overall assessment to the representatives of local institutions. We have no doubt that the outcome will be positive and, in all cases, there will be a celebratory toast along with a rich tasting of the best local food products.

(VIP EDITION) The Kitchen of Monsù, Sicilian aristocracy of 800

Mariagrazia specializes in the management of agricultural production, and thus will lead us to meet agricultural farms where we will learn to evaluate the high quality of local food production, finding the necessary ingredients for a perfect Monsù recipe. Monica will teach us how to cook a seasonal dish and will transfer to us the art of how to set the table according to the Monsù style. At the end, we will taste the fruit of our work, enjoying the meal while hearing tales on the traditions of Sicilian cooking and lifestyle

Rediscover your roots with Uncle Tanu in Acireale

Elisa will involve you with the familiarity of a relative to immerse yourself in the Sicilian atmosphere, in an experience that mixes nature, sea, fishing, stories and traditions with the stories of Uncle Tanu and many other local people who will make you feel at home in a kaleidoscope of typically Sicilian smells and tastes. We will have a party based on a great fish meal in a typical restaurant on the port and there will be surprises.

(VIP EDITION) The redemption of Linguaglossa

Nadia is an expert nature guide of the territory of Linguaglossa.
In the role of a young farmhand girl of the time, she will start a rebellion against the infamous prince Bonanno. The farmers can redeem their land thanks to the sale of wine and vegetables at the most important farmhouse in the country. Thanks to this narrative system you can immerse yourself, together with Nadia and her friends, in the history of Linguaglossa, in its cultural and social roots, learn how to cultivate the vineyard and the land as Sicilian farmers have been doing for generations.