Your “ideal love” at Borghese Gallery in Rome

Our Museum Director Susanna will show you the fabulous treasures inside Borghese Gallery and the most important artworks will have no more secrets for you. The real challenge will be to put all your mind, your creativity and your heart, to live the emotion of art and translate it into your own personal successful advertising campaign.
Ready ?

(VIP EDITION) Sculptor magne, aedifica imperium sine fine!

Francesca, in the role of a Roman art master, will illustrate how the imperial art workshops have created a style which featured ancient architecture of Rome like a signature, so that they can be set apart from other creations of the rest of Italy and the Empire. You will be protagonist of this important cultural evolution.

(VIP EDITION) I love nocciola Italiana

In this gastronomic story, Irma plays herself, as she is the biggest expert of Nocciola in Italy. She is a charming and competent professional who will explain to you everything related to the nocciola in an authentic and professional way. You will find a delicious and tasty product, able to give you happiness”, it’s scientifically tested as nocciola releases endorphin, the enzyme of happiness!


Francesca will help you immerse yourself in the most hidden reality of the artistic and architectural culture of Rome, teaching and giving you tha unique chance to experiment the scientific method of data collection, used by the archaeologists, in particular the so called “conceptual restaurers”. Like a detective, you are to rediscover what has already become invisible, reconstructing the history, the very reason to have great time-defining stratification, accumulated for millenia. An experience indeed unique and unrepeatable that you can live only in Rome. At the end, you will have the possibility to give voice to your discoveries in a very special way, a flashmob “a sorpresa” into which you can be a protagonist only by participating in this marvelous Storia Artès.

A day as an artist – Wearable art fashion in Rome

Daniela will introduce you to the art of drawing with a brief lesson within everyone’s reach. Together with other participants you will realize an original sketch which will, at a later time, be produced on pure silk in a limited number of copies. You will create in a few hours your personal representation of “Rome to wear” which will be placed on the market via the e-commerce system