(VIP EDITION) “Trotula De Ruggiero”, first Lady of Medicine in XIth century Salerno

Clelia meets you in the role of Trotula, the most famous Lady Doctor in the almost thousand-year history of the University of Salerno. She will help you comprehend the Medieval past of this splendid city, taking you to discover the most representative places of Trotula, describing in a popular way the salient aspects of the Medical School of Salerno at time of its greatest splendour during the XI and XIIth century. You will put on the shoes of a student in the Medical School of Salerno coming from abroad, will explore the Botanical garden, known as the Garden of Minerva, and will be charged to look for botanical species with anti-poisonous qualities. You will learn to recognise certain plants and while enjoying the breathtaking landscape, will taste tisane of beneficial effects in the suggestive tisane house of the Botanical garden, place of knowledge which links the Medical School of Salerno with the natural world of herbs.

(VIP EDITION) The wedding between Hazelnut and Chocolate

Mariagrazia will be her own self as she is, one of the best hazelnut experts of Giffoni. Thanks to her, you will immerse in a fantasy story that goes around the IGP Hazelnut of Giffoni, and you will be involved in a feast created exclusively around you. During a walk along hazelnut orchards, you will get to know the properties of product, get acquainted with the typical cuisine, you will be preparing a full hazelnut-based menu, in particular the “fusilli”, a unique pasta type, hand made by means of umbrella stretchers. To celebrate the wedding there will be dinner and dances among the most beautiful and traditional of Salerno. A unique event, unrepeatable and exclusive, where the protagonist is you.

The Will of Tarantella, The legacy of Baron Bellelli

Angelo and Daniela are experts in popular dance, music and traditions of Southern Italy. They would involve you in a real and proper peasant-farmers feast at the Bellelli Farmhouse, in the countryside of Paestum, a few hundred meters from the Archeological area. In the shoes of a local farmer of the very place, you will be a protagonist in a farmer’s feast, organized especially for you. You will learn how to dance the original version of the Tarantella Cilentana dance, paired with ballet dancers and musicians of the popular dance and music group Settebocche, and with the lively participation of locals. You will live a very memorable moment, unique and unrepeatable, an authentic and genuine dive in the popular traditions of this marvelous countryside, where you can appreciate flavours of local products in a rich banquet prepared for you by Maria herself – the owner of the historical “Azienda Rurale Bellelli” (Bellelli Farmhouse).

(VIP EDITION) “The Yellow” of “Vietri sul Mare”

Gaetana, will greet you at the gates of the Amalfi coast, and will help you immerse as a protagonist in the indescribable beauty of this place, able to enclose in just a glimpse the blue of the sea, the green of the cliffs, the yellow of the lemons. You will encounter the people who for ever hand down the traditions of the Yellow: the yellow of the lemons, delicious and juicy, which you will use to make the famous “Limoncello”, a yellow liqueur that Gaetana will teach you to make according to the ancient farmers’ recipe. The yellow of the ceramics you are to model and paint in the workshop of a master-craftsman where you will learn to give value to the brilliant landscape colors. In the end of this memorable Artès story, the title of Ambassador will really be a “sealed bond” of your transformation of “local among locals”.

(VIP EDITION) Take away the misfortune from Napoli with your amulet!

With Luisa, acting as the directress of Le Belle Arti Academy, you can go deep into the side of Napoli connected to the most ancient traditions and learn the oldest short prayers of Naples against misfortune. Going through the most hidden alleys, you are introduced to the sculptural art of the city. In the laboratory of a famous Neapolitan artist you create the “Pulcicorno”, your original personal amulet with which you can relive the ancestral spells against misfortune . Ending such a great day you will eat a legendary Neapolitan pizza, listening local music, in a traditional restaurant.
When back home, you will have so much to tell about!

The Mystery of Castel dell’Ovo (Discover the truth about mythos and legends in Naples)

Anna, in the role of Maria Sofia, accompanies you through this adventure and mystery. Your tresure hunt will start from a research on ancient books, to recall the legends and mysteries of princesses and holy women who lived in the old castle through the centuries. And right there, inside the castle, you will go at nightfall, to bring light to its hidden secrets, gathering all the messages left by the “mysterious presence” who haunts that place.