(VIP EDITION) King Manfredi’s marriage at the Swabian Castle of Trani

Francesca will involve the members of the “advertising agency” in a historical immersion with re-enactment of the wedding and of the most famous banquet of the medieval era in Puglia region. Together we will find the right ideas to give strength to the promotion of this place so rich in suggestion for the events of the past that open up glimpses of imagination up to the present. In the end the Castle Management will give its opinion on the digital campaign proposal.

(VIP EDITION) The masks of Lecce Palaces … inside and outside us

Rosemarie will help you immerge in Baroque Lecce, enriched by specific beautifying by means of faces, curious, fearsome, intriguing and observing, masks which give the historical city centre a particular aspect, arousing emotions and curiosity, talking about beliefs that remain in the local memory until present days

(VIP EDITION) The Enigma of Otranto and the Holy Grail

Imma will guide you to a real hunt of the cultural treasure through the most secret passages of Medieval Otranto, between the Church of Saint Peter (Chiesa di san Pietro), the Castle and the Cathedral of S. Annunciation (Cattedrale di S. Annunziata). Between challenges and hints you are to reconstruct the map of the ancient mosaic and reveal its most profound meaning, inside an authentic intertwining of myths and legends.