1818, Lord Byron arrives at Ca’ Zen (All servants at work near Venice)

Luigi will welcome you with his typical enthusiasm, in the shoes of the head butler of Ca’ Zen. He will help you find out about the typical court activities of the nobility that lived in this splendid Venetian Villa. The Villa has been preserved as it was in the beginning of the ‘800, the time of the famous “love flings” of Lord Byron with the young Guiccioli countess. You will relive the traditions of this house, putting the shoes of a servant of Ca’ Zen. You will take part in a hunt (a photographic one) of the typical fauna of this wild territory which is situated at the Delta of the River Po and has still remained pristine. You will learn the secrets of grooming horses and prepare them for the walks of nobles. At the end of the day, you are to celebrate the success of the venture with a typical Venetian aperitif and, if your contribution is as impeccable as we expect, you will be rewarded with a Certificate of recognition by the very Countess.

From the Middle Ages the true Story of the legendary “Pastissada” in Verona

Maya in reality is a joyful and lively tour guide who deeply loves the story of Verona. That is why we are to have a lot of fun, putting together sacred and profane, going to search the traces of a really glorious historical past, almost a treasure hunt, which will help us discover the marvels of “gothic” Verona along her main streets until we reconstruct the ancient events that led to the defining of the recipe of this extraordinary dish, “Pastissada”, which you can taste with joy at the end of our hunt, with a glass of the finest wines of the area of Verona, in one of the most traditional restaurants in the city.

Da Romano’s Curse: save Cunizza from her Fate!

Angelo, in the shoes of Alberico’s masnadiere, accompanies you to San Zenone Hill to relive the story of the medieval family Da Romano, which is to be told by Cunizza, younger sister of the tyrrant Ezzelino. You will take part in a Medieval laboratory of Fencing, participate in a medieval battle between rivalry fractions of Da Romano’s family, followed by a trial, where, together with the other knights, you will make part of the defens in front of the Judge. You will write a precious scroll and put your signature and seal on it in wax and to accomplish it will participate in an exclusive laboratory of medieval writing. At last, you are to be nominated a knight or dame followed by a refreshment and photo distribution.