The other face of the Madonna dell’Idris (Art, Craft, Food and Wine Tasting in Matera)

Rosanna will enter the shoes of countess Beatrice and will be accompanied by the daughter Caterina, interpreted by a licenced
tour guide. They will help you live an unforgettable and exclusive experience across the extraordinary Sassi di Matera, Stones of
Matera, exploring the peculiar churches of San Giovanni in Monterrone and Madonna dell’ Idris, where their stories are intimately intertwined with those of the town itself. You will discover the secrets of tuff working from an authentic tuff expert. You will visit an authentic house in local tuff, and finally, you are to celebrate the success of the challenge with a happy hour of local products.

29 December 1514: riot against Count Tramontano in Matera

Rosanna, in the shoes of the legendary Brunetta, will help you relive this dramatic moment, which really happened in the Medieval lands of Matera. You will find out the reasons for which the Castle of Tramontano had remained incomplete, will relive the feelings which moved the population to hunt the tyrant who had tired the people of Matera and feelings which bothered the people with the Count’s manias of power and conquest; you will enjoy a guided visit along the streets of the Duomo of Matera.

The treasure of the Ammicc Palace (Treasure Hunt, Show Cooking and Tasting of tipicities)

Imma and Giusy, in the shoes of the daughters of Lord Lambicco, will guide you in a hunt to discover the lost recipe. Immersed in the heart of Metapontino, you will enjoy a visit to the historic city centre and the historic palaces of ancient Camarda, passing in front of Palazzo Margherita (property of Francis Ford Coppola). ou will make a tour of this South Italy “California” and, thanks to the hints, reconstruct the recipe and find about the ingredients needed to make the original “scorzetta” a delicious local sweet. You will have the occasion to see at work Masterchef Spinelli who will show you the real recipe for “scorzetta” of Bernalda. The story will end with a toast accompanied by a “sweet epilogue”.