(VIP EDITION) Master class to become a “Senior Torino Taster”

Armanda has organized an innovative Master degree in Piedmontese enogastronomy to allow fans to deepen their knowledge and better understand local cuisine products and delicacies to become “Senior Torinese Tasters”

The Master class will be very practical, you will learn the peculiarities of local products and you will have to show your know-how in buying at the best value for money at the market stalls of Porta Palazzo, the largest open-air market in Europe. The products will then be checked by Mauro, the famous chef of “Angelino”, one of the oldest and most famous trattorias in Turin, who will introduce you to his culinary art.

The roads that lead to Essence in Piancavallo

Selene is an expert in aromatherapy and production of cosmetics from essential oils obtained from plants and flowers of her land. She will accompany you, along with Alfio and his donkey Fiocco, into an immersive journey in the nature of Piancavallo following the lyrics of the song “La Cura”, by Franco Battiato. Selene will help you discover three important essences: oneself, Piancavallo, and its flora.

(VIP EDITION) The excellent Frico Friulano of Nonna Marisa

Alessandra, food and wine guide and granddaughter of Nonna Marisa, will help us to discover the best shops and farms in and around Pordenone to buy all the necessary ingredients to cook the Frico, a typical Friulian dish made with cheese and potatoes. We will get to know many local people who will let us take part in their lives to enter the soul of this land and its food and wine traditions. Thanks to the teachings of Nonna Marisa, everyone will put their hands on the Frico preparation, we will all eat it together in a libation based on excellent Friulian wines.

(VIP EDITION) Giovanna’s Blogtour in Cividale del Friuli

Giovanna is very prepared and a particularly attentive and sensitive tour guide, she will take you to discover Cividale immersing yourself in its history, its monuments, walking along ancient streets, entering the centuries-old inns, tasting typical food and touching the traditional artefacts of local artisan. In this swirl of colorful scenes, places and things you will be memorable, unique and unrepeatable meetings with Giovanna’s friends, wonderful people, who will share their history, life, their art and their heart.

(VIP EDITION) Reportage on the Magredi asparagus at Del Zotto farm

Emanuela will involve you in the cultivation methods used by the farm and, for a day, you will experience the life of the fruit and vegetable farmers according to the season (asparagus, zucchini, strawberries…). At the end, you will help prepare either lunch or dinner, and if you have a bit of practice with social media, you will be invited to publish directly the multimedia material collected to start your own undertaking: promote the Del Zotto farm in the whole world as a symbol of genuineness, authenticity and originality of the agricultural food traditions of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

(VIP EDITION) Spilimbergo painting collection: a Prosciutto for your art

Tamara will help you catch the spirit of Quadreria Zancanaro, whre you can often find Cesare, its founder. You will visit Spilimbergo to immerse yourself in its millenium spirit and succeed in finding the right inspiration to complete your artistic work: express your soul and “donate your work for a Prosciutto”, or, by means of your art (drawing or writing) you can acquire the right to participate in a lavish tasting of typical, local products to take place at the famous Wine Shop “Enoteca alla Torre”.

(VIP EDITION) Caneva’s Figo Moro fig fruit conquers Japan

Giuliana will help you immerse in the hills of Caneva where this particular fig fruit grows, and which fruit you can immortalise with your photos in the frame of a marvelous local countryside. Later, you will be involved in the patient work of an expert taster at the agricultural company Rive Col De Fer, to decide what is the best “pairing” between the “Figo Moro’ fig fruit and the typical Friulian products, to make it possible suggestions to the famous restaurant manager Taisuke Hamasaki. There will be a feast with local wine, cheese and, of course, the Figo Moro.

I love nocciola Italiana (Unforgettable Cooking Experience in Rome)

In this gastronomic story, Irma plays herself, as she is the biggest expert of Nocciola in Italy. She is a charming and competent professional who will explain to you everything related to the nocciola in an authentic and professional way. You will find a delicious and tasty product, able to give you “happiness”, it’s scientifically tested as nocciola releases endorphin, the enzyme of happiness!

The wedding between Hazelnut and Chocolate

Mariagrazia will be her own self as she is, one of the best hazelnut experts of Giffoni. Thanks to her, you will immerse in a fantasy story that goes around the IGP Hazelnut of Giffoni, specialty of the place, and you will be involved in a feast, created exclusively around you. During a walk along hazelnut orchards, you will get to know the properties of the IGP product, get acquainted with the typical local cuisine, preparing a full hazelnut-based menu, in particular the “fusilli” (a pasta type) hand made by means of umbrella stretchers; you will participate in the wedding celebration, the dinner, and the dances when you will learn the most beautiful traditional dances of Salerno. A unique event, unrepeatable and exclusive, where the protagonist is you.

The Gorgonzola and the Marquise: cheese of the poor at a nobles’banquet (Milano Area)

Cristina, playing as Ginevra, jumps with you into the past. You visit Gorgonzola as it was about 200 years ago, sharing Serbelloni family tales and gossip. Here you discover the secret origins of the Gorgonzola cheese and how luckily it has reached its actual yummy smelly fame and…. guess what? You will have the possibility to do a special tasting of this squisite cheese, accompanied by local wines that for sure will no dissapoint you.

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