What Should Not Be Missing in Your Next Experiential Travel Package in Italy

The rise of experiential tourism is one of the most noteworthy travel trends this year. More and more travelers seek out fun experiences rather than fancy hotels or exotic beach locations. Memories are made of experiences, after all, so this is a normal, perhaps even long overdue, evolution in the travel industry. Italy with its ancient history, rich cultural heritage and phenomenal cuisine is one of the world’s best destinations for experiential travel journeys. In fact, most travel experiences in … Read More

2026 Winter Olympics: Opportunities in Italy for Experiential Travel Operators

At the end of June, it was announced that Italy has won the bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Beating the only other candidate, which was Sweden, Italy now prepares to welcome the athletes and their entourage, but also spectators and sports enthusiasts alike. Italy Will Host the 2026 Winter Olympics Specifically, the 2026 Winter Olympics will take place in Northern Italy, the hosting venues shared by Milan, the region’s economic capital, and Cortina d’Ampezzo, a major ski resort. … Read More

Matera, Capital of Culture 2019 in a Day: Is Quality Experiential Tourism at Risk?

Although usually it’s the more famous cities that get designated as the European Capital of Culture for a certain year, sometimes the award goes to less-known destinations. Matera is the Capital of Culture in 2019, a destination in Italy that exists in the shadows of its much better-known counterparts like Milan, Rome or Venice. Yet, the city has much to offer. Matera: Capital of Culture 2019 Although virtually unknown to many, if not most, visitors to Italy, the Matera is … Read More

LGBT Travel: the Love for Tourism Experience in Italy

Last June was LGBT Pride Month in countless countries, from the USA and Japan to Germany and, of course, Italy. Numerous events, celebrations and parades took place all over the world, attracting millions of people to many LGBT friendly travel destinations. An acronym of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and sometimes also Queer, LGBT(Q) stands for the community of people that aren’t heterosexual in the traditional sense of the word. About 7% of adults say that they identify as being part … Read More

Artès and BITESP together to develop experiential tourism in Italy

Artès, the well-known Professional Experiential Tourism organization in Italy, is excited to announce to have been selected as Training and Innovation Partner by BITESP – Borsa Italiana del Turismo Esperienziale – the first trade show entirely dedicated to incoming experiential tourism. In order to help tourism and passionate professionals to develop their skills in the industry and expand the experiential tourism offer in Italy, Artès and BITESP have launched a series of “training tours” that will take place in different … Read More

Bike riding in Tuscany: an example of unique experiences from the heart of Val D’Orcia

There is no doubt that Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations for both Italian and foreign visitors when it comes to picking memorable experiences, especially if they love bike riding. Understanding why is quite simple: there are countless opportunities to live unique experiences in Tuscany as they range from the discovery of local cuisine to the possibility of dive into both its natural and urban unique landscapes. The ever-changing modern market poses a new challenge to those who … Read More

Airbnb invests in experiential tourism with the Matera 2019 Experience Academy

Experiential tourism is a growing market: Italy makes no exception and Airbnb well understands that. The Experience Academy Airbnb just launched aims at indirectly developing an experiential tourism offer in Italy by training the people interested in it. The European Capital of Culture 2019, Matera, certainly offers a great opportunity for training in the tourism sector. The choice made by the U.S. giant is certainly not accidental: in Italy experiential tourism is tempting both domestic and incoming travel markets, resulting … Read More

Wedding Tourism in Italy: an experiential overview on the market

Italy is a must destination for travelers and it comes with no surprise that people from all over the world, celebrities included, choose our country as the destination to celebrate the most important moments of their lives. Exclusive dreamy locations, romantic landscapes, breath-taking scenery awaits lovers and their guests in the Italian peninsula, creating room for the best wedding experience ever dreamed of. Wedding tourism refers to a travel offer addressed to people willing to travel abroad with the purpose … Read More

Artès partners with BITESP to develop experiential tourism

Artès, well-known in Italy for being the point of reference in Itay for professional experiential tourism has recently signed and agreement as the Training and Innovation Partner of BITESP, the first Experiential Travel Trade Show in Italy BITESP will take place in Venice from November 25th to 27th, 2019 with the partecipation of hundreds of specialists exhibiting from all over Italy. This year, In addition to the organizaton of a series of professional workshops, the Artès Team will be in … Read More

Experience Supply & Distribution: Is Automation Better Than a Local and Specialised Partner?

In the last few years, experiential tourism has seen a rapid rise in popularity. It’s essentially a countermovement against mass or traditional tourism, a niche market that focuses on hands-on experiences, meeting locals, and “slow travel”. As the experiential tourism industry continues to expand, more and more tour operators take notice. And if they aren’t yet, they really should pay attention to this modern trend, which will most likely only continue to balloon in the future. Experiential Tourism Supply and … Read More

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