BITESP 2019: news and key takeaways from this year’s edition of the first experiential tourism trade show in Italy

The second edition of the Experiential Tourism Trade Show, BITESP, has been held in Venice last November when professionals gathered from all over the world to join high-quality networking and training events.

From highly-qualified professionals to students and institutions, BITESP has been a key event for everyone interested in knowing more about this new exciting market: experiential tourism. 


Most important events at BITESP 2019

The seminars, keynotes, and workshops organized by Artès have met with great success. New ideas and proposals came out naturally thanks to our quality speakers and topics, that fueled intense and lively debates about where the experiential tourism is today and where it is headed in the near future.

Another particularly significant moment at Bitesp 2019 has been the Experience Theatre, organized by Artès. The whole event audience, both visitors and exhibitors and foreign buyers, deeply appreciated the Experience Theatre: our experiential tourism operators directly involved the audience into their “stories to live together” that often ended with a cheerful toast or delicious food tasting. 

We interviewed some participants who thanked us for being able to experience firsthand what it means to participate in our Artès’ stories: some of them have even stopped to stay with us an entire afternoon.

This experience confirmed to us that there’s a huge need to try firsthand the experiential product which is a far more engaging way to know a tourism product compared to traditional quick meetings.

2019 saw the first edition of the Experience theatre; nonetheless, the experiment had such success that might lead the path to a whole new way of conceiving fairs, especially those specialized in experiential tourism.

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Artès announced a new product brand, Joynplayce, at BITESP 2019

Great news for Artès! At BITESP 2019 our team has been very excited to announce our new product brand: Joynplayce. The brand has been launched as part of the Storyliving project funded by the Veneto Region but will soon gather all the “stories to live together” based on the Artès learning model.

Feel free to have a look here: Welcome to Joynplayce!

Joynplayce represents the joy of sharing, the pleasure of participating in a game that engages and involves destinations, people and passions: a complex combination that can successfully change participants’ mindset and help them develop a deep sense of unity and sharing.

Be mindful that these are not just buzz-words: with Joynplayce we promise our customers a high-level experience thanks to hard work, professionalism, method, creativity, empathy, and passion.

The brand Joynplayce – Stories to live together has been created to meet the specific needs of those looking for professional, safe and original experiences.

We offer experiential tourism products based on the Storyliving professional model developed by Artès, a rigorous format thanks to which passionate and empathetic people can build unique experiences while having the opportunity to gain the professional title of “Experiential Tourism Operators” plus to join the professional association ASSOTES, accredited and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Joynplayce also wants to be a network of independent and heterogeneous parties, operating in the territory at many levels: tourist guides, environmental guides, accommodation facilities, sommeliers, tour operators in general and other categories of professionals who would love to find new and unique ways to promote their specific skills and know-how, together with the promotion of the destinations they belong to.

Joynplayce has a new exciting world and a lot is coming soon! Join us by subscribing to our newsletter and/or feel free to contact us to know more about it!