5 experiential tourism examples in Italy you should get inspired by

If you’ve been searching for great experiential tourism examples, tours and/or packages, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here at Artès, we specialize in immersive travel and have a wide range of tour options available. Our very name, after all, indicates our commitment to offering the best travel experiences: Artès stands for “Animation and Relation for Experiential Tourism”.

Our innovative tour formula, which has been tried, tested, proven and approved, allows visitors to experience a story plot in the first person. They’ll become the protagonist of a historic, cultural or culinary story that takes place in a special location in Italy. It’s the ultimate hands-on travel experience and one that tourists will remember for a long, long time.

In this article, we feature five experiential tourism examples, which are some of our very best Stories to Live Together. Check them out below and if you’d like to see our many other listings, you can find those all here.


5 experiential tourism examples in Italy you should get inspired by_2

5 Experiential Tourism Examples in Italy to Get Inspired By


Artist for a Day: “Wearable Art in the City of Rome”

Daniela is an artist from Rome who’s famous for her paintings and her brand “OnArtediem”, where she creates wearable art. She wants to acquire artistic influences from all over the world, so she waits for you in her atelier to make the sketches that will complete her cloche line “Dm Experience International”, made of pure silk.

Participants have the unique opportunity to help Daniela complete her collection with their personal view of Rome.

  • Location: Rome
  • Duration: 4 to 6 hours
  • Passions: Art, creativity, design and Rome, the Eternal City


Action! “Unconventional Pisa for Foodies”

The Pisa Film Association “Corte Tripoli Cinematografica” has commissioned Francesca, director, and expert in enogastronomy, to make a short film about the many enogastronomic suggestions of Pisa. The goal is to highlight this famous city apart from the well-known Leaning Tower.

To do this, Francesca is trying to create a group of talented video makers and location managers to make truly unconventional shots. She put together the Storyboard and the only thing participants need to bring is their smartphone.

  • Location: Pisa
  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours
  • Passions: Local enogastronomy, video making, traditions and culture



The “Figo Moro” of Caneva Conquers Japan

Taisuke Hamasaki is the owner of the restaurant “La Tartarughina” in Tokyo, renowned for its Italian cuisine. He wants to add the “Figo Moro” of Caneva, to his menu. This is an exclusive specialty from Friuli known thanks to Giuliana, a well-known expert in local agri-food production.

Taisuke asked Giuliana for advice to figure out the best ideas for pairings with Friulian wines and cheeses. Giuliana decided to involve some leading local experts, which offers visitors the chance to join the team! They’ll be able to help out by tasting local products and wines, and taking pictures of their culinary journey.

  • Location: Caneva
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Passions: Enogastronomy, photography, nature and rural destinations



Searching for Giuseppe Verdi’s Lost Notes

Something strange has happened in Milan. The renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi has lost his notes and he can’t find them anymore. Therefore, Silvia, a close friend of his, decided to organize a search.

She is convinced she’ll be able to find them by retracing the musical locations that Giuseppe Verdi used to frequent in Milan. To do this, she needs the help of intrepid travelers who’d like to discover the beauty of Milan and the places related to Verdi’s life and work. This is another one of our experiential tourism examples that are worth checking out!

  • Location: Milan
  • Duration: 3 to 5 hours
  • Passions: Singing, music and the beautiful historic city of Milan



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