Mascali 1928, “mpidimentu pi giuvamentu”

Yari will present himself for what he is in reality, an economist who loves his land and wants to enhance its value. In the role of a “potential investor”, you will examine the project funding document that will serve as a guideline to meet the most important economic realities of the territory. We will start with a path to relive the disastrous eruption of 1928 and understand how the citizens managed to develop their economy despite the misfortune. We will visit a craft atelier and a bio-agricultural farm to allow the “investors” to gather sufficient elements to understand the great potential of this land. At the end of the survey the “investors” will return their overall assessment to the representatives of local institutions. We have no doubt that the outcome will be positive and, in all cases, there will be a celebratory toast along with a rich tasting of the best local food products.

Rediscover your roots with Uncle Tanu in Acireale

Elisa will involve you with the familiarity of a relative to immerse yourself in the Sicilian atmosphere, in an experience that mixes nature, sea, fishing, stories and traditions with the stories of Uncle Tanu and many other local people who will make you feel at home in a kaleidoscope of typically Sicilian smells and tastes. We will have a party based on a great fish meal in a typical restaurant on the port and there will be surprises.

The redemption of Linguaglossa

Nadia is an expert nature guide of the territory of Linguaglossa.
In the role of a young farmhand girl of the time, she will start a rebellion against the infamous prince Bonanno. The farmers can redeem their land thanks to the sale of wine and vegetables at the most important farmhouse in the country. Thanks to this narrative system you can immerse yourself, together with Nadia and her friends, in the history of Linguaglossa, in its cultural and social roots, learn how to cultivate the vineyard and the land as Sicilian farmers have been doing for generations.

(VIP EDITION) Who will guard Michelangelo’s legacy?

Leone Amidei is the current executor of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti and since the death of the last heir he’s on a search for any other legitimate descendant to deliver the precious legacy of the famous artist.

(VIP EDITION) Casanova and the mystery of Kaballah in the Venetian ghetto

Angelo miraculously found the pages of a diary explaining how to remove the centuries-old curse launched by the unnamed nun on Casanova and all his offspring. Now it’s too long to explain, but you already know that, as a descendant of Casanova, you must be present in Venice.

(VIP EDITION) Milano, red roses, kisses & pictures

Renzo and Lucia, protagonists of Alessandro Manzoni’s novel “I Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”), after big sufferings and adventures, finally meet each other again at San Simpliciano Church square, where they enjoy their kiss of love, forever lasting.
Would you like to live that moment of eternity with your true love?
Let you two become the lovers of Hayez’s masterpiece “Il Bacio”. Yes, exactly you, lovely couples, Milan is looking for you to be passionate! Let your love shine bright, spreading your kisses around the most romantic and hidden places in town. Come on! Follow Elena and her red rose, she, strolling with you among wonderful and secret cloisters and courtyards in Milan, will take professional photos of you, transforming you in sweet protagonists as in the Hayez paint and making your love become even more precious in beautiful images.

(VIP EDITION) Sculptor magne, aedifica imperium sine fine!

Francesca, in the role of a Roman art master, will illustrate how the imperial art workshops have created a style which featured ancient architecture of Rome like a signature, so that they can be set apart from other creations of the rest of Italy and the Empire. You will be protagonist of this important cultural evolution.

(VIP EDITION) Pesto Calling!

Luisa, in the role of Grandma Dina’s grand-daughter, will take you on a journey into Genoese gastronomic traditions: an exploration of markets and typical shops rich in flavours and tales, culminating in a tasting lesson guided by a pesto professional and food historian – not to forget about the aperitivo “al pesto” final celebration.

(VIP EDITION) I love nocciola Italiana

In this gastronomic story, Irma plays herself, as she is the biggest expert of Nocciola in Italy. She is a charming and competent professional who will explain to you everything related to the nocciola in an authentic and professional way. You will find a delicious and tasty product, able to give you happiness”, it’s scientifically tested as nocciola releases endorphin, the enzyme of happiness!

(VIP EDITION) A new chef for “La Scala”

Silvia, playing as the Maître of Restaurant alla Scala, will guide you to become a real Milanese chef. Get in touch with the real
Milan Gourmet soul, go shopping into one authentic Milan open market and soon learn the Italian culinary tradition with a great
chef of Milan at hand.

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